Brain Injury

Have you or your loved one suffered from a brain injury incident due to someone’s negligence? If yes, you should immediately seek the help of a qualified Sacramento brain injury attorney.

Brain injuries can have a direct impact on a person’s life. A brain injury is one of the most severe injuries because of its detrimental effect. The loss of mental functions is not a rare effect in the case of a brain injury. Other than the mental function damages, there are also financial, emotional, as well as physical challenges that you have to go through.

It is, therefore, an integral part of the legal system through which victims can be compensated for the traumatic time they have endured and the difficult time up ahead.

What is a Brain Injury?

You can divide brain injuries into two categories; Traumatic and Acquired. While the acquired brain injuries are those that have been there since birth, Traumatic Brain Injuries are the ones that are a result of an external force. If a Sacramento brain injury accident has resulted in physical damages, it will categorize as traumatic brain injury.

Because of such an injury, the victim can experience cognitive impairment, behavioral disorder, or even loss of physical skills. How the brain injury affects your health depends on what part of the brain conceded damages during the accident. However, you can have a Sacramento brain injury lawyer to recover the compensation for your suffering.

Causes of a Brain Injury

Most of the traumatic brain injuries occur due to accidents. Understanding what caused the accident is not as easy as it might seem. Sometimes, it is difficult to prove the negligence of the other party. Some of the common causes of a brain injury as follows:

  1. Accidents that involve vehicles. Victims of car accidents typically suffer from head and neck injuries. The impact of collision during a serious accident can be severe.
  2. Accidents occurring at work. Some job roles require employees to work in an unsafe environment surrounded by machines, tools, and other equipment. Any mishaps while working with machines and tools can result in life-changing incidents.
  3. Falls can occur at any place and at any time. A fall from a greater height can result in serious brain injuries.
  4. Sports-related brain injuries are also common. Many football players suffer from concussions while on the field.

What to Do in a Sacramento Brain Injury Incident

Getting immediate medical help is extremely important if you have suffered in a brain Injury accident. Even if the emergency team confirms there is no major brain damage, it is advisable to visit a neurologist and get a second opinion. You can reduce the damage of your brain injury significantly by approaching the right people immediately.

Similarly, you should get in touch with a Sacramento brain injury lawyer as soon as possible. The cost of a brain injury treatment can be significantly high. Therefore, you need to contact an experienced brain injury attorney at your earliest.

They will guide you throughout your communication with the authorities. You need to make sure that you do not agree on the first offer you get from the insurance company. Additionally, you should keep all the record of medical expenses you incurred.

How Are Damages Calculated

Previously in California, the injured party would not be eligible to recover damages if they were found to contribute to the accident in any way. However, now California is following Pure Comparative Negligence which makes the injured applicable to file for claims even if they share some of the blame. Your attorney will help you calculate the damages that you can recover for your Sacramento brain injury.

Common damages recovered include:

  1.  Wages Lost
    Because of your suffering in the Sacramento brain injury accident, it is natural for you to miss out on work and lose income as a result. You can claim for this lost income in the form of damages.
  2.  Medical Expenses
    The treatment of brain injuries can be significantly expensive with the lowest cost being around $80,000. Therefore, it is important to include all these charges in the calculation of damages.
  3. Pain and Suffering
    It includes the emotional trauma that you go through as a result of such an incident. It also involves the pain that you go through during the treatment process.
  4. Loss of Consortium
    Since your family members suffer equally, your spouse has the right to claim for loss of consortium. As a result, they can obtain compensation for the change in the relationship that has taken place.
  5. Loss of Enjoyment
    The quality of your life will be significantly affected by the injuries sustained in the accident. A qualified Sacramento brain injury lawyer will also consider this factor when calculating the damages.
  6. Punitive Damages
    At times monetary benefit is not enough, and the victim wants the negligent party to face a punishment. Punitive damages can be asked for if the negligent party acted recklessly or carried out the act out of malice.
  7. Future Damages
    Due to the severity of brain injuries and the significant impact they have on a person’s physical and mental ability, you should also ask your lawyer to recognize the future damages. These include the future wages that a person will lose because of their inability to continue with the previous job. Furthermore, there will be lifelong medical expenses that the injured person will have to pay.

Statute of Limitations

If the claim is against a public body, it has to go to court within 180 days of the accident. However, if the case is not against a public body, the victim has two years to file a lawsuit against the negligent party. If you file two years after the accident, your case will most likely be dismissed. A few exceptions include extending the statute of limitations for minors under 18 or for victims that were not capable mentally of filing a claim.

How We Can Help

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