Car Accident

A California car accident lawyer is on your side. If you or a loved one has been in a car accident seek professional legal help. A California car accident lawyer understands your rights and will help you file for compensable damages.

There are about 32,000 deaths a year due to car accidents. California is one of the deadliest states in the country. As a result, the average death count for California motorists seem to hover around 3,600 fatalities per year.

A California car accident lawyer sees far too many of these morbid cases. Most car accidents seem to happen around the same area, around the same time, for nearly identical reasons.

If you were involved in an auto accident you should contact a California car accident lawyer. He may be able to discover the reasons why accidents are piling up on specific streets.

The city, county or local government may be found liable for these accidents. A California car accident lawyer will fight for your right to receive compensable damages from a private individual, business or government entity.

First and foremost, understanding how car accidents happen may help a motorist avoid them.

Deadliest Counties in California

Nationwide, the majority of fatal accidents happen in rural areas of the country. In contrast, California is a-typical of the national trend. Consequently, only about 39% of deadly accidents occur in rural areas of California. Therefore, the majority of fatal crashes happen in or around cities.

Here are some of the deadliest counties from a 2013 report:

  • Orange County (over 180)
  • San Diego (over 200)
  • Riverside (over 220)
  • San Bernardino (over 260)
  • Los Angeles (630)

A California car accident lawyer knows the statistics for car accident deaths in California. This is pertinent because understanding the cases of each county and the awards paid out in these cases grants more leverage for you. You may have suffered injuries in a car accident in California, but that doesn’t mean you deserve any less compensation then a person sustaining similar injuries in another city.

The fact of the matter is that populations are rising. The more people there are, the more motorists are on the road. Therefore, the potential for more accidents go up. It is simple statistics.

Car accidents are arguably one of the leading reasons for a lawsuit involving personal injury.

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

A trend that seems to be increasing, despite all the awareness campaigns being produced, is impaired driving. The media and the news is chalked full of car accidents. Consequently, the cause of these accidents are due to driving under the influence. As a result, drugs and alcohol are still one of the leading causes of automobile collisions.

Nearly 33% of fatal car crashes in California resulted from impaired driving. This was from a 2013 study.

The majority of the drivers tested positive for an illegal substance. However, there were a fair share of drivers who tested positive for legal drugs. Consequently, some drivers were found abusing the legal drugs that were prescribed to them. Likewise, they should not have been operating any machine while on them.

Legal drugs are finding their way into the hands of people who have no medical need for them. The new trend is abusing legal drugs to get intoxicated. Hence, prescription drugs are a growing cause of car crashes.

With all the accidents derived from impaired driving, there are still other causes.

Distracted Drivers

Hand held devices are gaining ground in the cause for car accidents. As a result, California has outlawed the use of wireless devices like cell phones while operating a motorized vehicle. Despite the efforts, texting and checking e-mails while driving are becoming a huge problem when it comes to car accidents.

Auto manufacturers have tried to make driving safer with all the new technology available. The most noteworthy effort by car makers have been including hands free connectivity. The technology auto makers have pioneered seems to be helping.

Bluetooth is becoming a standard feature in new cars, linking an individual’s cell phone to the automobile. Drivers can speak and listen through their car’s speakers. Another great benefit is that motorists do not have to look for or use their cell phone when a call or text comes in. Everything is linked to the automobile’s fancy computer interface.

Answering calls and reading messages from the car’s speakers are allowing the driver to be less distracted while staying within the law.

Though using a cell phone in this manner is within legal limits, it can still be distracting while driving.

Another truth is that people who cannot afford this new technology are still resorting to using their cell phones.


An always leading contender in the cause of car accidents is speeding. This trend seems to stay constant.

As a car gains speed, the distance in which it can safely come to a complete stop lengthens. The faster you go, the longer it takes to stop. Pair speeding with following too close behind another motorist and the probability for disaster goes up dramatically.

Don’t be a danger to yourself or to anyone else. By following road signs and speed laws you will be able to respond to unexpected circumstances safely.

Excessive speed falls under the category of reckless driving. If you have been injured due to a speeding motorist, a California car accident lawyer will help you receive compensable damages.

Who is Most Likely to Die from an Auto Accident?

Believe it or not, pedestrians are statistically the most likely to die from a car accident.

Almost half of fatalities in major cities don’t occur in an automobile. In contrast, they are on the sidewalk or pavement.

Though pedestrian involvement in auto accidents are a small percentage, they make up almost half the deaths.

Again this is where speed comes into play. This is for the reasons stated above. The most noteworthy reason is that it takes much longer to safely stop as your speed increases. Another is the reaction time available to safely maneuver out of a potential accident drops significantly.

A car traveling at 40 miles an hour will leave a pedestrian who is struck a 20% chance of survival. You don’t have to be going fast to be fatal.

How we can Help

A California car accident lawyer knows your rights. If you have been injured in an auto accident you have someone you can talk to.

Some of the statistics are shocking. Injury and death are almost always preventable in every case. Simply following the regulations and laws of the road will significantly reduce the chance of an accident.

Following the speed limit is easy and can save a life. After a drink, calling a cab or having a designated driver can save more than one life. Waiting to answer a call or message until you are safely stopped can save multiple lives.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, you can seek compensable damages. Don’t wait. The statute of limitations starts ticking when you discover you have been injured. In most cases you have only two years to file a formal lawsuit.

Act now to ensure your medical expenses are recovered. Gain damages for your pain and suffering. Contact us today to get justice for your injuries due to a reckless driver.