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Did you get into an accident that occurred due to the negligence of another party? Are you seeking legal help from a Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer? If yes, you have come to the right place.

When it comes to weather, Stockton is an excellent place to be in. However, a low median income and high crime rates make it a difficult place to reside in. While most of the people you meet in Stockton are warm and friendly, the living conditions can take a toll on your life.

Statistics of Stockton Personal Injury Accidents

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, Stockton witnessed a total of 2,271 accidents in 2015. Of these, 188 were due to alcohol consumption. 159 pedestrians were involved in accidents, and 480 accidents were related to high speed. These staggering statistics reflect the importance of exercising caution while driving or moving about in the city.

Calculation of Damages,

The amount that you deserve in damages is not easy to calculate. Therefore, it is essential that you seek help from a qualified Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer. An attorney will help you understand how much damages you should expect based on your fault. The following factors are given attention when trying to calculate damages:

1. Pain and Suffering

Apart from the physical pain that you suffer due to injuries, a qualified lawyer will also consider your emotional health. It is not unusual to see victims suffering from depression and anxiety after an accident. It is, therefore, essential for a Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer to include your emotional suffering as well in the damages’ calculation. This will be done by communicating with your physician. The trauma that the victim has felt because of the accident will be accounted for in the calculation of damages.

2. Medical Expenses

Seeking medical help after the accident is extremely important. This is because some of the accidents also involve severe injuries such as a Traumatic Brain Injury. If such injuries are not addressed earlier, they result in life-changing effects. Therefore, it is imperative that the first thing you do is seek medical treatment after an accident. Even if the injuries do not seem severe, you should seek consultation from a health professional. You should not worry about the cost of the treatment since a qualified Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer will include it in the damages.

All the medical expenses that you incur as a result of the accident are a part of the damages’ calculation process. From the time you call an ambulance to the point where you are considered recovered, all the costs are covered in the damages. Therefore, you should expect your Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer to make all the past, current, and future treatment costs a part of the damages.

3. Loss of Wages

Missing weeks of work is not a rare occurrence after the accident. This results in loss of earnings which can put an additional financial strain on the victim’s family. However, a qualified Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer understands this and makes sure that loss of wages is made a part of the damages.

However, in some cases, victims end up losing their job as a result of their absence from work. In other cases, the physician might not recommend the victim to continue with the same job. For such cases, your Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer will consider the loss of wages in the future. Such kind of a calculation brings about immense relief for the victim and the family.

4. Loss of Consortium

California law does not only extend justice to you but also towards your family. When a person gets injured, the incident puts the family members through severe emotional stress. As a result of this, sometimes, the relationship between spouses becomes affected. To account for that, your Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer will give your spouse the option of claiming for loss of consortium charges. By doing this, your spouse can also seek support from the judicial system to help them go through this challenging time.

Why You Need a Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Ease of Communication

A lot of victims attempt to take care of all the negotiation on their own to save some money. However, since the victim is still recovering, it becomes an exhausting experience. Moreover, the insurance providers and other representatives of the guilty party may intimidate you. This is because their primary objective is to settle for less. When this happens, victims usually succumb to the pressure and settle over an ordinary amount.

Therefore, you end up hurting your case more than you save on costs. It is better to hire a Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer and let them deal with the communication. This will help you focus solely on the recovery process.

2. Following a Deadline

Since every personal injury case has a Statute of Limitations, you need to make sure that you work in a timely fashion. In California, personal injury victims have two years to file a lawsuit against the negligent party. If they fail to do so, their case might get dismissed, and they end up getting nothing. Moreover, if the case that you wish to file is against a Governmental body, you have only six months. Therefore, time is of the essence in such cases. You need the help of an experienced Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer that can take care of all the essential tasks in a timely way.

3. Thorough and Timely Documentation

For a person with no legal background, the documentation needs of a lawsuit can be excruciating. Therefore, it is essential that you seek help from a Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer instead of wasting a lot of time. Your lawyer will know exactly what kind of paperwork to take care of and when.

4. Understanding the Incident

The memory of the victim tends to be a bit hazy when it comes to the accident. Most of the times the victims do not even remember whether they were at fault or not. This can result in unexpected claims from the opposing party. If these claims come out to be true, the victim can suffer significantly. Therefore, it is essential to have a complete understanding of the accident. To do this, you need to get help from a Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer. They have access to experts and work with them to recreate the incident. This helps your representation to understand how much you should expect in damages.

5. Ideal Compensation Plan

If you handle the case on your own, there is a huge possibility that you will end up settling on less. Therefore, to make sure that you get the damages that you deserve, hire a Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer. An experienced lawyer knows exactly what factors to take into consideration for your case. Personal injury cases are not simple but rather very complex. The experience of your lawyer will enable him/her to help you get the best compensation deal possible.

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