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Do you need legal services to file a personal injury lawsuit? The best San Diego personal injury lawyer guarantees that you get the best compensation for your claim to cover medical bills and make up for the loss of wage. Most collisions happen on the busy highways and roads. In San Diego, the local attractions and favorable climate result in more traffic every year. These horrific accidents involve not only cars but bicycles, pedestrians, and motorcycles.

Road Accidents in San Diego

Roughly 3,000 fatal car accidents occur every year in California. In San Diego, death and serious injuries are standard parts of the everyday life of the residents. The truth is that the percentage of reported crashes has been on the rise since the number of accidents between 2010 and 2015 went up by almost 15 percent.

Personal Injuries

However, personal injuries are not limited to only road accidents. When you get hurt or injured owing to the negligence of someone else, you can lawfully file a suit to receive money as compensation.

This amount depends on the severity of your injury and the percentage of the fault of the other party.

The laws in California require that all personal injuries are claimed within a two year period. Moreover, property damages must be filed within three years of the incident. Since it is difficult for an injured person to go ahead with the course proceedings immediately, a professional San Diego personal injury lawyer make sure the affected party wins the case to receive the deserved compensation.

In case you have endured an auto accident but have not sustained multiple injuries, don’t forget to take photographs of the crime scene. This is crucial evidence that can provide critical details to prove that the accident was not your mistake. You should also take the contact info of the witnesses to help your attorney.

We provide the best lawyers to help you fight against the party at fault. Here are the types of claims you can make. We will build your case from scratch and take care of everything from paperwork to negotiating with insurance agents for a hassle-free procedure.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents include any collision between vehicles but road accidents also involve pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, and trucks. Affected individuals can sustain life-threatening wounds and may lose their job, owing to lengthy medical treatment.

There is no reason why you should delay your medical treatment just because your insurance company doesn’t cover your medical bills completely.

Partner with the best San Diego personal injury lawyer to file your case in court. Our qualified team boasts incredible negotiation skills and expertise to help you win your case. Getting in touch with a legal team also lets you answer important questions such as:

  • What is the right amount of compensation?
  • Where should go you for medical treatment?
  • What are your chances of winning the case?

Dog Bites

Surprisingly, dog bites are one of the most common personal injury cases we come across today. The state of California has strict rules regarding animal and dog bites. This means that you should immediately file a lawsuit if a friend or neighbor’s dog has bitten you.

It doesn’t even matter if the dog has ever bitten someone else before. The owner is responsible for all bites, regardless of the place and type of animal. A skilled San Diego personal injury lawyer can guarantee you a favorable verdict with a good amount of compensation to cover your medical bills.

Bicycle Accidents

The present green revolution has compelled many of us to choose eco-friendly commuting methods to reach our destination. Bicycles are also great for being fit and continue to be functional fitness equipment for people of all ages.

However, riding in the dark or early morning can also result in an unwanted accident. If you have sustained severe injuries that could make bicycle riding difficult for you in the future, you can file a lawsuit to receive enough funds to carry on your medical treatment.

In case a bicycle collides with a large-sized vehicle such as a truck, bicycle riders are likely to sustain soft tissue injuries and fractures. Our team helps cyclists of all ages, cultures, and professions to get the best legal representation in court to fight their case in San Diego.

Brain Injury Cases

All temporary or permanent brain injuries require immediate medical attention. These injuries can take place due to an accident, slip or fall. If someone you know has suffered a great deal of brain damage on someone’s private property, he/she can file a lawsuit to prove the owner’s negligence.

Our seasoned personal injury lawyers in San Diego consider the following factors to evaluate the success rate of a brain injury case?

  • What caused the injury?
  • What is the nature and type of the brain injury?
  • In the injury permanent or temporary?

If you or someone you love has received minor or significant brain injuries, you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

Wrongful Death

There are other types of cases which are termed as wrongful death cases. Our team specializes in handling all such cases which include:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Food or water poisoning
  • Workplace accidents
  • Government negligence

When someone succumbs to death because of someone else’s fault, the other party can be held liable for this accident.

Benefits of Hiring a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many ways an attorney can help you. Not only you find a legal companion to guide you throughout the entire process, but you also might not have to pay a considerable amount in case you lose the case.

Most lawyers don’t even charge any money (except for filing and court charges) until you win the case. For injured individuals who are dealing with medical bills, physical pain and property charges, partnering with a professional San Diego personal injury lawyers give the best opportunity to sue the guilty party.

It is your legal right to go to court to prove that the injuries you have received are due to the fault of negligence of someone else. Slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice and failure to maintain safety regulation at workplace result in horrific accidents. All these cases require litigation.

It is also essential to have someone who has all the critical legal knowledge to negotiate with insurance agents.

Work With Us

At, we work with the top lawyers to help you get the best legal representation in court. Once we have discussed the case with you, we will offer you our honest legal advice to take the best possible action. We also answer all additional queries and concerns they may have. We also help with any paperwork that you may find too complicated to carry out.

Final Thoughts

This is why you should relax and let us do all the hard work. An expert San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer negotiates for a fair settlement and also handles the defending party’s insurance agents, so you never feel uncomfortable during the entire litigation process. We also take care of any errors in the evidence report to take into account all the possible evidence we have to prove your innocence.


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