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Modesto attracts tourists’ interested in exploring historical sites. The Hawke Castle and Robert Walton House are some of the noteworthy sites in Modesto, California. However, over the last few years, Modesto underwent modernization and development. Even though Modesto is a calm city, it witnesses its fair share of accidents every year.

Statistics of Accidents in Modesto

Fortunately, the number of accidents in Modesto is low. However, since you cannot anticipate a personal injury accident, it is important to be careful. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, Modesto witnessed 1,727 accidents, including 107 involving pedestrians. 164 of these accidents involved drunk driving. Moreover, 238 of these accidents involved over-speeding. In addition, the citizens of Modesto reported 100 hit and run cases.

Why You Need a Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer

Understanding why you need the help of an experienced Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer is important before you take any decision. A qualified Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer will help you understand the details of your own case. Moreover, an attorney committed to bringing you justice will help you with the following:

1. Speed Up the Process

You have two years within which you can file for damages. If you do not do so in this time period, your case might get dismissed altogether. To avoid this from happening take help from a qualified Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer. By using their experience, attorneys are able to keep you on track and take care of all the important paperwork in time. You cannot do this if you are working on your own. Moreover, some of the victims make the mistake of settling on a mediocre amount just to save time.

2. Experience

It is easy for the victim to get intimidated by the other party’s representative. But when you have the support of a qualified Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer, they use their experience to get you the best possible deal. Do not decide while keeping only the short-term gains in mind. A lawyer will use their experience to show you the bigger picture and help you make better decisions.

3. Communication

While the process of negotiating is going on, you need to remain patient. If you are handling the case on your own, it becomes difficult to keep calm. You might jump on the very first offer you get. An attorney will make you understand how strong your case is and why you should not settle for less. Moreover, the attorney will also communicate with all the important parties involved while you focus on recovery.

4. Compensation

Insurance providers put pressure on the victims to accept a deal that only covers the immediate expenses. It is beneficial for you to keep your future expenses in mind too when calculating damages. By working with an experienced Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer, you will be able to come up with just the right amount in damages.

This is important because the severity of some of the injuries causes you to incur expenses for a long time to come. If you do not settle on the right compensation, you will have to pay for all these expenses from your own pocket. Getting the right compensation is the main reason why people hire a Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer.

5. Access to Experts

It is common for the victims to forget the events of the day of the accident. This happens because of the shock that they are in because of the accident. An experienced Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer will understand this and work with you as well as other experts to recreate the accident. This way, you both will be able to understand how much fault lies at every party’s end. This is extremely important to avoid any disappointments in court. If you do not have access to such experts, you will not be able to determine the compensation that you deserve.

How the Court Calculates Damages

A qualified Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer considers all the important factors before calculating the damages. These include:

1. Pain and Suffering

An experienced Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer will consider your physical as well as mental suffering. The insurance providers will focus only on your physical suffering. When in reality, the mental and emotional trauma that one goes through after the accident is significant. To address this, you should seek help from a Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer. Most of the victims suffer from anxiety and depression because of the shock they receive during the accident. To compensate for that, your lawyer will make all this part of the damages.

2. Medical Expenses

Seeking medical attention is important for your recovery. However, the amount you incur in medical expenses depends on the severity of the injuries. If you suffer serious injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury, the medical expenses will be higher than you expected. A qualified Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer will talk to your physician to come up with the right amount of medical expenses. This amount will cover all the current as well as future costs related to your treatment.

3. Loss of Consortium (If Applicable)

Your family members will also suffer in one way or the other because of the accident. For this reason, spouses can receive damages in the form of Loss of Consortium. If your relationship with your spouse has suffered, a Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer will help file for loss of consortium charges as well.

4. Loss of Wages

After suffering injuries in the accident, many people find themselves unable to go back to work. This loss of wages is also a part of the damages. Moreover, if your physician believes you will not be able to continue with your job, you will receive more compensation. This happens in cases of severe injuries. A qualified Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer will compensate for your current as well as future loss of wages.

Statute of Limitations

The Law of California places a 2-year limit to the time period within which you can file your claim. After the 2 years pass, the court might dismiss your case. Moreover, if you are looking to file against a Governmental body, you have only 6 months to do so. Understanding this limit, a qualified Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer will work in a timely manner to get you the justice you deserve.

Comparative Fault Law

As California is a comparative fault state, it means as the victim, you are eligible for compensation even if you are at fault. However, the amount of damages will vary according to how much fault you own. Your Modesto Personal Injury Lawyer will determine the fault by talking to a number of experts.

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