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It is imperative to know what’s happening in your surroundings to understand the importance of a personal injury attorney in Sacramento. Unfortunately, there is still a large population of people that does not seek legal help after an accident. Sometimes, they are under the impression that their case is not strong. Although, that’s something best left for an attorney to decide. Secondly, they believe there is nothing much to pursue in a case after they have recovered from their injuries. It is advisable that you get in touch with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer and let them decide what you are miss out on by not seeking legal help.

An Overview of Sacramento’s Traffic Accidents

Sacramento is a big city, the sixth largest in California. According to the recent census, the population of the city is over half a million. The state capital, it hosts many commercial activities and is a center of attraction for millions of tourists every year. The large population, huge metropolitan area, and a densely populated downtown make the America’s Most Diverse City prone to automobile and other types of accidents.

It is bad news for Sacramento citizens that traffic accident statistics in the area have been getting worse with time. Recent government figures showed that the death toll of automotive accidents in Sacramento in 2016 was higher than it was in any single year during the past two decades. That’s a 22% increase in death toll from 2015.

Some of the most dangerous roads in the city based on the proneness and figures of traffic accidents include I-80 intersection, Power Inn Road, US 99, Capitol City Freeway (close to Arden and West Sacramento). The city has responded to the worsening situation with the proposal of Vision Zero Action Plan. On paper, the successful implementation of the plan will bring traffic accident count in Sacramento down to zero by 2027.

At Lawyer on Your Side, we hope to see that happen too but complete elimination of traffic accidents can be a stretch despite today’s technological advancements. Keep in mind that nearly 25% of the traffic accidents in Sacramento had a link to the consumption of alcohol. Concisely, as long as there are humans behind the steering wheel, the prospects of human-error cannot be an absolute zero.

Personal Injuries Are Inevitable

It is not difficult to conclude that personal injuries are inevitable. That is because they are often a result of someone’s negligence. Perhaps, you are adhering to the traffic rules, driving safely, and paying attention to the road. What if someone drives recklessly? You can always do your part and hope for the best.

Personal injuries can be a result of events other than traffic accidents. Slip and fall cases are a suitable example of such incidents. If you fall on commercial or private property and you fall due to the negligence of the owner, that’s a personal injury case. Imagine going to Fairytale Town or Funderland Amusement Park and involving in an accident due to the negligence of their management. A dog bite also constitutes a personal injury case.

A Sacramento personal injury lawyer Can Help

Irrespective of what has caused the injury, you need an experienced personal injury attorney in Sacramento on your side to receive the compensation of the damages you have conceded. Automotive accidents can be life changing. What appears to be a temporary pain could be a foretelling sign of something serious and permanent. Things can get worse if your insurance policy does not cover your personal injury and property damage, and the negligent party does not have proper coverage in place. There are more reasons to hire a Sacramento auto accident lawyer than you might realize. Look at some of the most important ones.

Reasons to Hire a Sacramento Injury Lawyer Immediately

You Don’t Have a Lifetime to Claim

Many personal injury victims believe they can file a claim against the offending party any time they want. What they don’t realize is that Californian laws allow them only two years to file a claim. You won’t get any help from the court after that duration. More importantly, it is much more difficult to establish your claims after that many months. Briefly, the time you waste without filing a lawsuit is a favor for the negligent party. The more time you waste, the stronger the case becomes for the defending party. Therefore, it makes more sense to have a personal injury attorney in Sacramento on y our side as soon as possible.

A Lawyer Knows What You Might Not Know

Self-assessment of such cases is never recommendable for the victims. When you contact a lawyer and provide details about your accident, they have an immediate course of action. They know what evidences to collect, what medical procedures to complete, etc. on an immediate basis to strengthen your case. Again, you might not know the seriousness of even the minor injuries in an accident, especially head injuries. Traumatic brain injury is a serious matter for Americans. Of all the car accidents that resulted in TBI in 2013, 19% resulted in deaths.

Let a Sacramento brain injury lawyer involve in your case to help identify any permanent or lifelong damages and get financial compensation for their treatment.

You Don’t Have to Succumb to Defending Party’s Pressure

One of the biggest drawbacks of not hiring the right lawyer on time is ending up with no or every little compensation.  An experienced Sacramento car accident lawyer can do the math to know how much compensation will be enough. To stop you from taking them to the court, the defending party can offer you compensation that might seem big to you but isn’t. A figure that seems huge to you could be nothing compared to what you could end up paying out of pocket for the damages you have conceded. Let a lawyer deal with the defending party and their lawyers. You will be surprised to know how much a professional lawyer can recover as compensation for you in a personal injury case.

Lawyers Understand the Complexity of Personal Injury Cases

Many victims in personal injury cases do not realize that these matters are not as straightforward as they seem on the surface. It is easy to file a complaint against someone who was driving his or her car negligently and caused an accident. However, in some cases you are not sure who to file the complaint against.

Take the example of falling off a faulty seat in a bus. You might think you should sue the city for its negligence towards the safety of public transport but it’s not that simple. It could be the fault of the seat makers, which can be a completely different company. Alternatively, perhaps the company that repaired the seats the last time is at fault. Only a Sacramento auto accident attorney can best help you identify the party at fault.

Lawyer on Your Side – Your Trusted Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

Lawyer on Your Side is your Sacramento personal injury lawyer fighting for your justice for years. We provide numerous personal injury representation services to help you get the compensation you deserve. Look at some of our practice areas.

Brain Injury

Brain injuries [insert link] are the most serious form of damages resulting from an automobile accident. These injuries can result in paralysis of the body or other permanent conditions such as memory loss and dementia. We are your professional Sacramento brain injury lawyers helping you recover the damages that someone’s negligence has caused.

Burn Accidents

Burn accidents [insert link] can result in first, second and third degree damages. Third degree damages can be life threatening. Not all burn damages have to involve fire. You could be using a facial cream that ends up burning your skin. Someone’s negligence at the bonfire can also burn you. Whatever is the cause, a Sacramento burn accident lawyer from Lawyer on Your Side can help you.

Dog Bites

Dog bites [insert link] can be extremely painful and result in severe medical conditions. In many other states, the dog owners have a lot of flexibility due to the leniency in dog bite laws. However, Californian laws around dog bites are quite strict. If a pet dog has bitten, let us provide you the best dog bite attorney in Sacramento to help you recover the medical expenses and compensation for mental and physical suffering.

Boat Accidents

Boat accidents [insert link] are quite common in Sacramento due to the location of the city at the confluence of the American River and the Sacramento River. When you are on someone’s boat, it is their responsibility to take care of your security as well. If someone’s negligence has result in a boat accident and caused you injury, we will give you the boat accident attorney in Sacramento to help you recover your damages.

Car Accidents

Car accidents [insert link] are the most common type of accidents. They can affect your life permanently. Any disabilities arising from a car accident can cause you to lose your job, suffer physical pain, experience disturbance in marital relationship, afford medical expenses, etc. We have the right Sacramento car accident attorney to help such a situation. We will help you recover the compensation for every type of loss that you have experienced because of someone else’s negligence.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents [insert link] can be much more catastrophic than any other types of road accidents. People whose daily commute requires them to travel on highways are more prone to truck accidents. Whether you were in a car or traveling as a pedestrian, if you are looking for a seasoned truck accident lawyer in Sacramento, we are here to help.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents [insert link] can also result in severe physical injuries, mainly head injuries. Riding a motorcycle is adventurous but as a motorcycle rider, you have to be fully aware of the additional risks you are exposed to. More importantly, you must know your legal rights if someone’s negligence results in an accident. For a professional representation from an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Sacramento, Lawyer on Your Side is here to help.

Personal Injuries

Personal Injury [insert link] accidents involve all of the above as well as slip and fall cases. Any accident that you think was a result of someone’s negligence and leads to physical injuries, is a personal injury case. You should select only a professional Sacramento personal injury lawyer to represent you to get the rightful compensation.

At Lawyer on Your Side, we are passionate to fight for your justice and right. Moreover, we want to assure our Sacramento family that they will not pay for someone else’s negligence from their pockets. Do not waste your time waiting because that’s going to make your case weak. Contact us right now for an initial review of your case.


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