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Living in Santa Clarita is a dream come true. The lack of diversity might be a problem for some, but the excellent schools and numerous restaurants make it an attraction. If you enjoy cycling, there are plenty of bike trails that you can explore. However, like every other area, you cannot predict when an accident might take place. It is due to this reason that you should always seek an exceptional personal injury lawyer.

Statistics of Personal Injury Accidents in Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita is a peaceful place to live in. However, the place still witnesses its fair share of accidents. According to statistics shared by the California Office of Traffic Safety, in 2015, Santa Clarita witnessed 1011 accidents. Out of these, 58 were due to alcohol consumption. There were 42 pedestrians involved in an accident out of which seven were under the age of 15 and 3 were above 65.

There were 35 hit and run cases in the area and 202 speed-related accidents. In 2015 alone, there were 256 DUI arrests. Even though the fatal car collision statistics are significantly lower than California’s average, caution should be exercised by pedestrians.

Calculation of Damages

When figuring out how much you should expect in damages, you will encounter a number of complexities. This is because the calculation of damages is not as easy as it sounds. You deserve more than what your losses are worth on the surface. For this, you should seek help from an experienced Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer.

California is a comparative law state, which means that you will be entitled to compensation even if you were at fault. However, the amount that you can claim in damages will vary according to your fault in the accident. Therefore, to avoid any surprises, you need an experienced Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer. Your lawyer will consider all or some of the following factors when calculating damages:

1. Medical Expense

Medical treatment right after the accident is extremely important. In some cases, the injuries caused by the accident can be serious. Traumatic Brain Injury, for example, requires immediate attention. The treatment cost can be significant in cases where you require surgery. Therefore, as your Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer, we will make sure that your medical treatment is covered.

This is why medical expense is a mandatory and integral part of the damages’ calculation process. To know the actual amount, your Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer will talk to your physician and take into consideration your past, current, and future medical expenses.

2. Pain and Suffering

Physical pain is part of the damages. However, the emotional and mental trauma that the victim receives due to the accident is also essential. A qualified Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer will address your emotional well-being. Depression and anxiety are two very common effects of an unexpected accident.

Your Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer will talk to your physician and family members to determine your mental state. You may also need to see another health practitioner who will evaluate your mental and emotional health. After this, if your Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer feels necessary, pain and suffering will be a part of the damages calculation process.

3. Loss of Wages

Victims, due to their injuries, are unable to go back to work immediately after the accident. This loss of wages is reflected in the damages’ calculation process. However, there are also cases of serious injuries, which affect the victim’s earning ability significantly. In such a situation, your Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer will make the future loss of wages a part of the damages. This is done so that you do not have to experience any financial burden in the future.

4. Loss of Consortium

Apart from the victim, the family also suffers considerably due to an unexpected incident. Therefore, under California law, the spouse is also eligible to claim damages. Loss of consortium is applicable to spouses if they feel their relationship suffered damage due to the accident.

Why You Need to Hire a Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Dealing with the Representatives

While trying to recover damages, you will have to negotiate and deal with the negligent party’s representatives. If you decide to handle the case on your own, you will feel overwhelmed and intimidated at times. This is because the other party’s representatives will do everything they can to delay your case and make you settle on a lesser amount.

2. Timely Completion of Process

The Statute of Limitations requires the victim to file the lawsuit within 2 years of the accident. If you file anytime after that, your case will get dismissed. In addition, if the case is against a Governmental body, you have only 6 months to file your claim. Therefore, it is important that you keep a track of your progress at all times.

To make sure the court accepts your case, seek help from a qualified Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer. An experienced attorney is aware of all the regulations in place related to personal injury cases. He/she will make sure from day one that everything is on track and you will be able to recover damages in a timely manner.

3. Documentation

There are also a lot of documentation needs that can seem overwhelming to a person with no legal background. To relieve yourself from this burden, take help from an experienced Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer. Your lawyer will know the documents that you need to file and how to collect evidence. This will help you get the justice you deserve.

4. Access to Experts

It is not uncommon for the victims to have a foggy memory of the accident. Due to this reason, sometimes victims tend to under or overestimate their fault in the accident. As mentioned earlier, California is a comparative law state. However, it is important that you come up with the right damages’ amount in order to avoid any surprises. To do this, your Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer will need to recreate the incident. This is done by talking to key witnesses and working with experts in the field. After this, our attorney will be able to understand the details of the event.

5. Full Recovery of Damages

If you handle the case on your own, you will find it tempting to settle on the amount the opposing party offers you initially. This is because the insurance providers and other representatives of the negligent party will keep you under pressure. When you hire a Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer, you do not need to communicate with any authority. This helps your lawyer give you advice and suggestions regarding the right amount to agree upon. A Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyer will make sure that you receive compensation in a way that reflects your actual loss.

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