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Bakersfield is a scenic city that lies between Los Angeles and Fresno. Most of the traffic between these two metropolis passes through Bakersfield. No wonder the rate of traffic accidents and personal injuries is high in the city. With resident population of more than 350,000 people, Bakersfield is home to a majority of county’s courthouses. Hence, you can conveniently find a professional Bakersfield injury lawyer.

When residing in a metropolis like Bakersfield, it is very important that you have access to a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury can be traumatic and sometimes devastating for the victim. Having a Bakersfield injury lawyer by your side can help you stay calm when you need it the most.

Traffic Injuries in Bakersfield

Young adults today get distracted due to cell phone use while driving. This has resulted in an increasing number of traffic accidents over the past few years in California. In the city of Bakersfield alone, the average number of traffic accidents every year is close to 2000, since 2015.  Even if you follow traffic rules while driving, you cannot avoid someone else causing an accident due to their reckless behavior.

Some of the city roads near interstate highways experience heavy traffic. Nearly 8000 vehicles pass by these roads every hour during peak times. With such high traffic volume, traffic accidents sometimes become unavoidable. Drivers need to have a good understanding of how they can use personal injury lawyers to save themselves from a lawsuit.

How a Bakersfield Injury Lawyer Can Help You after an Accident

The major advantage of having a personal injury attorney by your side during an accident is that they save you from all the hassle of legal proceedings. They take care of fulfilling all your legal requirements while you take time to recover from your injury. Hiring an attorney will help you in:

  1. 1. Understanding Your Situation

Facing any kind of personal injury, be it on the road or on a sidewalk on someone’s property can leave you traumatized. During this time, your legal attorney helps you answer many questions, such as:

  • How long it will take to settle the case.
  • What amount of compensation you can expect?
  • What type of evidence you would require to support your claim in the court.

At *company name* we sit down with our clients and help them answer all these questions. We take full responsibility of figuring out a plan that will provide the best results.

  1. 2. Deal With Insurance Companies

Even when you are not at fault, the other party’s insurance company will make excuses to lower down your claim amount. Our role as your Bakersfield injury lawyer would be to negotiate with them and maximize your compensation. With our legal training and experience, we tend to make a solid case for our clients. We make sure that there are no loopholes in your case that the other party can benefit from. Insurance providers have resources at their disposal that they can use to create hurdles in the claim process. It is never wise to communicate with the other side’s insurance company on your own.

  1. 3. Weighing the Evidence

While filing any personal injury complaint, it is important that you provide evidence that heavily supports your case. As your personal injury attorney, we examine the evidence with a critical eye. This helps us understand if you need additional sources to support your claim including:

  • Statements from expert witnesses
  • Investigators who can dig deeper in to the case

If your evidence is not strong enough to withstand the opposing council remarks, you might end up losing on the claim amount. As your personal injury attorney, we make sure that your evidence will hold its weight in the case proceedings.

  1. 4. Help in Legal Communication

A personal injury claim requires legal documents to be exchanged between the two parties. Insurance providers and legal councils view the documents as well. As your attorney, we will take care of all your legal communication and help you gain a strong footing in the case.

  1. 5. Following a Timeline

According to California Statute of Limitation, any claim filed after two years of occurrence can be treated as in admissible in the court of law. As your legal advisor, we can help you follow timelines and maintain eligibility of your legal application. We can also help you in gaining exemption from such limitation based on the nature of your case.

Types of Claims We Handle For Our Clients

At *Company Name* we make it our goal, to get our clients the compensation that they deserve. Our team of legal professionals will work day and night to build a strong case for you. There is no point in letting a negligent party get away with their fault. The types of claims that we handle for our clients include:

  1. 1. Car Accidents

Car Accidents are a major cause of personal injury in the United States. In the state of California, the legal claims are decided by the judge base on ‘at fault’ system. Which means each driver is compensated according to his or her own level of reckless driving. If you file a complaint and the court decides that you carry at least 10% fault in the accident, your claim amount will be reduced to 90%. Besides car accident injuries, we help our clients in filing complaints for truck and motor cycle accidents as well.

  1. 2. Slips and Falls

Falling or slipping on someone else’s property due to their negligence is another common reason for personal injury claims in the United States. We help our clients file their complaint in accordance with premises liability laws. With our extensive experience in the field, we make sure that your case is strong and gets you the claim amount you deserve.

  1. 3. Dog Bite

If a dog of another owner has bitten you, we can help you file a legal complaint for compensation against any damages. Since the state of California enforces a ‘strict liability’ law against dog bites, it means an owner cannot get away from this liability. To make a valid case in court, you need to file your complaint within two years after the incident happened.

  1. 4. Brain Injury

Brain injury is a traumatic event and can have serious consequences. These may include permanent physical damage such as paralysis. Fortunately, California has strict laws to protect victims of such injuries and compensations are quite high. We can help you in making a strong case so that you can recover from your emotional and financial distress.

Damages That We Can Help You Recover Through a Legal Complaint

The damages that we help our clients recover from personal injury complaint include hospitalization, medication, surgery, transportation, disability, lost wages, and property damage. We reflect the mental anguish and embarrassment that you face due to your injury in your complaint.

No case is too big or too small. We will take care of your legal needs. We make sure to put our client’s interest above everything else and get them the compensation that they deserve.


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