Motorcycle accidents have the potential to be quite devastating. The reason for this is that the body is quite exposed on a motorcycle, which is far more dangerous than a traditional vehicle accident. For this reason, motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause life altering injuries and at times, even death.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a motorcycle accident, it is possible that there will be extensive expenses that include loss of time for work, medical bills, and damages. In order to ensure that you are able to recover everything possible from your motorcycle accident. It is best that you contact an attorney. When trying to learn about realistic expectations from the process or recovering damages and hiring a lawyer with expertise in motorcycle accidents, it is highly recommended that you consider the recommendations below:

How to File Your Claim

The way that you go about filing your claim will depend on your role in the motorcycle accident and what state the accident occurred in along with what states the parties are domiciled in. Having these facts clear will dictate what kinds of lawyers you should be reaching out to. The best way to find the right law firm for your accident is to research firms that have expertise in motorcycle crashes.

These firms will be able to guide you in the proper way to get the best settlement possible. In order to find firms that know a great deal about motorcycle accidents, it is best to reach out to the local bar association of that state or to look on professional forums that review attorneys and their overall performance. If you approach your search in this manner, then you will have the best potential results for your case.

The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

Hiring an attorney has many benefits. If you work with a lawyer that has specific experience and expertise in your kind of accident, then you are likely able to recover the amount of capital that you are legally entitled to for your damages.

Additionally, working with an attorney will enable you to have an experienced professional guiding you through the formalities of your lawsuit in order to have the best results possible. Working with a motorcycle lawyer will be vital to the success of your case.

What to Look for in Your Attorney

When you are looking to work with an attorney is a motorcycle accident attorney, it is important that you look at their years of experience and their success rate with cases similar to yours. This will be a strong indicator as to whether they or their firm has the requisite skills to have a successful and strong resolution to your case.

Another factor to consider with your attorney is how they bill their fees. A motorcycle injury attorney will usually bill their clients on a contingent fee basis. This is favorable for you because the lawyer will not overextend you financially until you have a successful resolution for your case.

How Much Will Hiring a Lawyer Cost?

In order to hire an attorney, you are going to have to expect that they are going to charge a fee. That said, personal injury attorneys for any sort of vehicle accident usually take on the previously mentioned contingency fee based on the case. The percentage of the contingency fee is broken down based on the complexity of the case and the projected workload that they foresee in order to prepare in the most efficient way possible.

The level of workload will likely change depending on what kind of injuries were received, the percentage of fault of the Plaintiff and/or Defendant or the damages to the vehicles and public property that were sustained. In order to have an accurate assessment of what your legal representation will cost, it will be wise to meet with several different firms for your consultation appointment and discuss what their legal services will potentially cost.

What Realistic Compensation Expectations Should You Have?

The damages that you will receive will depend on your involvement in the accident. For example, some states will have comparative fault statutes that will allow for a percentage of fault to be calculated by a judge. This percentage of fault could be broken up between two parties, but it also could be broken down between four or five parties depending on how many different parties were at fault in your particular accident

In order to assess what your realistic damages expectations should be, it is first important to ask whether the jurisdiction that you try your case in recognizes comparative fault statutes. Then, you will be able to break down the particular damages involved in your case.

Other factors that will impact that amount of damages that you will receive will be related to whether you missed a substantial time of work and wages, you have substantial injuries, and also whether you damaged a great deal of public property. These damages will also shift if you were primarily at fault for the accident in a comparative fault jurisdiction.

The judge will make a calculation based on hearing the facts of your case and what legal theories you are entitled to recover for. Be sure that you take all of this into account so that you do not expect more damages than you will ultimately receive. This will allow you to financially plan to recover from the aftermath of your accident.

An important note for employers who either have staff members that conduct deliveries on motorcycles or drive extensively for shipping is that you must be careful about your potential liability in accidents that involve motorcycles if your employees are behind the wheel. Be sure that your employees are extra diligent during their driving shifts as you can be liable for damages through respondeat superior if the accident occurred during the work hours of your employee and the scope of their employment. The scope of their employment refers to the duties required within their job description for their specific position at your company.

Many times, when the damages from accidents involving any form of vehicle, particularly motorcycles get expensive, the parties will find other legal theories to fully recover their damages. If you are an employer and the accident happened during your employee’s work shift and typical duties, then you could be financially responsible for an extensive payout, which could greatly affect your bottom line. Having an attorney in place will be vital for your protection in these types of circumstances. This way, if you do have to go to court, you will be able to resolve the matter swiftly while spending the least amount of capital possible.

Why Our Firm Is Highly Recommended for Your Case

When you are working with a law firm to get the best possible damages, it is important that you work with attorneys that have an established period of experience, but that also provide the best possible services to their clients. Our firm has a group of attorneys that exclusively specialize in motorcycle accidents and their various elements. It is important that if you have sustained a motorcycle accident that you work with a firm that is capable of handling your case. This way, you will be able to have the best possible results that you are legally entitled to.

What Expectations to Have for Our Firm

If you decide to work with our firm, you will first have a consultation appointment. You will then meet with our attorneys and they will have a detailed examination of the particular facts of your case. Upon making a determination that you case has merit and that we have the proper attorney available to take on the workload, we will then agree to take on your case. We will present you will a list of several potential outcomes and their respective paths to get there.

Upon seeing these paths and outcomes, you can then decide whether you would like to enter into an attorney-client relationship with our firm. Once you decide to enter into such a relationship with our firm, we then sign an agreement and agree to a contingency fee based on the successful outcome of your case. After signing this agreement, we begin the process of taking your case to court and going through the steps to get the outcome that you are seeking and the damages that you may be legally entitled to.

Final Remarks

Suffering an accident with a motorcycle involved can have grave consequences. It is a very difficult time for you and your family because the loss of income and life-threatening injuries have the ability to greatly alter your family’s quality of life. It is important that you hire a legal professional to work with you during this time so that you avoid the common pitfalls that occur due to a lack of proper legal representation. Thus, be sure to reach out to our firm today and we would be elated to schedule a consultation appointment with you and ascertain whether our expertise matches the particular facts of your case.