Carmichael Burn Injury Lawyer

Have you been burned in an accident? A Carmichael burn injury lawyer may be able to help. You may be entitled to compensable damages for pain and suffering.

Burn injuries are a form of personal injury. Therefore, a personal injury attorney specializing in burns can help you file for damages. A Carmichael burn injury lawyer will be a valuable asset because of their knowledge in this type of personal injury.

The initial shock of being burned can be traumatic. This is due to the reason that most people have an instinctual fear of being burned. Getting burned is more than enduring the pain of searing flesh. The effects can be lifelong. This is because scar tissue can build up. As a result, this can affect range of motion. You might have to deal with pain for the rest of your life.

Know your rights after you have been burned. Probably the most important thing you can do after seeking medical attention is to contact a Carmichael burn injury lawyer.

Enduring the pain that accompanies a burn accident can be a test of willpower. A Carmichael burn injury lawyer understands what you are going through. If the burn was due to the recklessness or negligence of another individual you can seek legal compensation.

Please don’t feel you have to endure the possibility of life changing wounds alone. Contact a Carmichael burn injury lawyer now.

Types of Burn Injuries

Our skin is made up of layers. Therefore, the amount of layers affected corresponds to the severity of the burn injury. Furthermore, burns that only affect the top layer are the least damaging. Never the less, you may still file a formal complaint for minor a scalding.

The number of layers affected by the burn will help determine the severity. The deepest burns go beyond the skin into muscle and fat tissue. A Carmichael burn injury lawyer will need documentation from your physician to prove the type of burn.

Let’s briefly go over the types of burns. Generally, there are four levels of burn injuries.

First-Degree Burns:

First degree burns are minor and tend to go away with a little time and minor treatment. Almost all first degree burns can be successfully treated with over the counter creams. Sometimes first degree burns will go away just by using a cold compress or running the burn under tap-cold water.

Even if you believe you feel you have a superficial burn, you should seek medical attention. Burns are hard to gauge. You may believe you only have a first degree burn when in fact you may have a more severe type of injury.

Second-degree burns:

Second degree burns reach farther than the superficial layer of skin. Although more layers may be affected, the burn stops before reaching the nerves. As a result of more layers being affected, more pain is to be expected as well.

Second degree burns are not life threatening but you should still seek medical help. Again, it is too difficult to judge a burn injury yourself. Although many second degree burns can be treated at home it is best to be cautious. Many second degree burns can form blisters. Blisters can pop and become an opportunity for infection.

Third-degree burns:

Third degree burns reach several layers of skin. The pain is much more severe and requires immediate medical attention. Do not try to treat a third degree burn yourself. Third degree burns can cause extensive damages to the nerves. Therefore, the physical damages can be severe and take much time to heal.

Third degree burns can require surgery to completely heal. It is important to talk to your physician about what procedures are necessary to completely recover.

Fourth-degree burns:

Fourth degree burns are serious injuries that require emergency medical attention. Fourth degree burns can be excruciating to endure. Nerves, muscle and fat can be damaged making recovery a lengthy and involved process.

Fourth degree burns will most often require surgery to heal and can be life threatening.

Common Accidents associated with burn injuries

There are many ways burn injuries can occur. A Carmichael burn injury lawyer will help you understand your case. Some of the most common accidents are from ordinary encounters with every-day things.

Therefore, the most frequent burn injuries are due to:

  • Fire
  • Electric currents
  • Hot liquid
  • Chemical exposure
  • Radiation
  • Hot objects (heater, stove, pots and pans)
  • UV light (tanning beds)

Calculation of Damages

A Carmichael burn injury lawyer is vital in helping you file for the damages you are entitled for. Your burn injury must be proven to have occurred due to the reckless or negligent behavior of an individual or entity.

There are physical, mental and emotional challenges that you will have to endure. These factors will be considered to calculate compensable damages.

A Carmichael burn injury lawyer will go over the details of your case. After compiling all the evidence a Carmichael burn injury lawyer will discuss the potential damages owed to you.

Some of the factors used to calculate the damages include:

The Intensity of the Burn/s

Remember, there are several types of burns. Therefore, the severity of the burn will play a role in determining the damages you will receive. It is prudent to talk to your physician and get documentation about the severity of your burn.

The severity of your burn will also determine the length of time expected for you to heal and fully recover. Sometimes, the estimated length of recovery is way off. You may end up taking much longer than originally expected.

Lastly, it is good to know that most insurance providers to not cover cosmetic surgery. After you have recovered and would like to remove scar tissue you may only have one means of affording that surgery.

A Carmichael burn injury lawyer will include cosmetic surgery in your award for compensable damages. This way you can look the way you once did, before the accident.

Medical Expense

Medical expenses you incurred for recovery and to regain your former image will be a major factor. In some cases, burns can be so severe that they require lifetime care. Sometimes, medications will be needed for an extended period of time.

Any medical treatments that will be ongoing or are foreseen in the future will need to be documented. Likewise, any treatment expense you incurred for pain and suffering might be included as well.

Non-traditional expenses like acupuncture and massage therapy may have significance in your formal lawsuit. To be safe, it is prudent to include any medical related expense as damages.

Lost Wages

When recovering from a burn injury you may not be able to work. You may also not be able to physically work due to pain or restricted movement from the injury.

Recovering lost wages related to the burn injury may be another factor in calculating damages. Similarly to the future medical expenses that will be included in the damages recovered, future lost wages should be as well.

Pain & Suffering

You may suffer from anxiety by the embarrassment that you feel from your scars. Hence, you may suffer from a phobia of fires or to whatever caused you the burn injury.

Consequently, burn victims tend to suffer from long lasting chronic pain. Pain and discomfort are important aspects to consider in the damages.

Please contact a Carmichael burn injury lawyer for details in calculating the compensable damages owed to you.

How We Can Help

A Carmichael burn injury lawyer is here to help. A burn injury at any level can be enduring. Every personal injury case is different and intricate. A burn injury can be ever so more complicated.

Don’t let a burn injury affect you more than it has to. A Carmichael burn injury lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate. Act now for a free evaluation.




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