Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney

Anyone who rides has a deeper understanding of freedom. A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney knows what freedom means. There is nothing like opening the throttle with the wind against your helmet and the horizon beckoning before you.

Straddling a purring engine with a full tank of gas and no obligations can send your heart on fire like nothing else.

No matter how free you are when riding your motorcycle, there is always a feeling that lingers in the background. That feeling is knowing one second you can feel like you are flying a mile in the sky. The next you can be buried a mile in the ground.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident you may have a case for legal compensation. A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney can help you back on your two wheeled machine with a settlement to boot.

Remember, more time and money than you expect may be needed for recovery. Don’t hesitate. When you are ready to get back on your bike, a Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney will have your medical expenses covered.

Our mission

Our goal is to have you awarded the compensable damages you deserve.  This includes your medical bills as well as any time off work.  A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney wants to give you your life back. This means having your beloved bike replaced and getting you the best safety gear on the market. We want you safely rolling on two wheels as soon as you feel ready.

A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney knows what it’s like to be sidelined due to a motorcycle accident. There may be a few setbacks, but don’t let that discourage you from getting back on the saddle. A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney will be with you step by step. We will work hard to make sure the medical bills are covered so you can get back into tip top riding condition.

Contact a Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney. You deserve to have the best represent your case.

How is a motorcycle accident case different from an auto accident case?

The biggest difference is the size and safety of a motorcycle compared to a car. No one has to remind you that unlike an automobile, motorcycles do not have a protective metal case. The injuries sustained from a motorcycle crash are usually much more severe and can take much more time to recover from.

Though a motorcycle is light and nimble, what most motorists don’t realize is that they do not stop as fast and as easily as a car. Their automobile has four wheels for traction and stability, a motorcycle has only two.

Their automobile also has four brakes that can help stop their car much faster in an emergency. Compare that to the two brakes a motorcycle has that have to be used correctly for the motorcycle to not end up flipping over. A car is way easier to stop than a motorcycle safely.

With all this information, a Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney doesn’t have to explain why the medical expenses are usually much more extravagant for a motorcyclist. If you haven’t been in a motorcycle accident and are just doing some due diligent research. Heed the following advice. Get more medical coverage to supplement the other persons insurance just in case their policy limit is not enough.


Remember that even if you are found not at fault, the other person’s policy limit may fall short of what your medical expenses total. A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney will tell you that they have witnessed far too many people win a settlement that didn’t cover all their medical expenses. This is usually because the policy limit of the other person’s insurance fell short.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact a Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney. We are not an insurance firm. Though we can still help. We may pass on some knowledge so you can ask the right questions when speaking with your insurance provider.

Biggest difference

The biggest difference is somewhat shocking. A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney has to prep the client for the prejudice they will face in the courtroom. Non-motorcycle riders have stereotyped motorcyclists as being immature showoffs and adrenaline junkies.  The majority of society believes that motorcyclists who were involved in an accident probably deserved it.

We are on your side

A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney is not prejudice. We believe in building a fare case and will represent you with dignity and respect. You may look like a free spirit who resembles an outlaw, but that doesn’t mean you are one.

We believe that most motorcyclists ride with utter respect and regard to street laws. It is because of their vulnerability that many motorcyclists practice safe riding, but are unfairly judged because they are on two wheels instead of four.

Medical records

Another difference lies in the medical notes. Remember, motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic compared to car crashes.

Maintain a journal. Take notes. Document how the accident has affected your ability to work. If the accident has altered your activities of daily life then explain how and why. This can all be used in your case.

What a Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney will encourage more than anything is to correspond regularly with your physician. Be detailed and precise in describing what you are experiencing. How and what you are having difficulties with need to be documented by your physician.

Accurate medical records hold the most value in a court of law.

The road ahead may be challenging. Just remember, with a Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney by your side, you will have a partner to keep you moving forward.

Motorcycle discrimination

As we have discussed, the biggest hurdle is the fact that most people (jury members included) tend to believe that people who ride motorcycles are of a different breed than the rest of society.

Here in America, we are a melting pot. California especially. The government- meaning feds, state, county or even any government owned or operated business cannot discriminate against age, race, sex, religion, or national origin.

The government can’t forbid you from joining a motorcycle club or form wearing clothes and banners they don’t agree with.

Private businesses are not so simple though. In some states, private businesses CAN discriminate against you as a motorcyclist! The first amendment does not protect you from the discrimination of a private business against your affiliation with a motorcycle club, the clothes you wear, or the fact you ride a motorcycle.

It is a sad fact, but people discriminate against motorcyclists. This is where a knowledgeable and professional motorcycle attorney is vital. A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney can help balance the playing field and get you on fair ground in a court of law.

A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney will help the important members of court see you as a human being. It is paramount that the individuals who have influence over your case acknowledge you as a regular citizen. You are a member of society who deserves to be considered without discrimination and judged equally and fairly.

Know your road rights as a motorcyclist

In 2016 the state of California passed a law allowing motorcyclists to maneuver between two lanes to get around traffic legally. This maneuver is called lane splitting.

There are state laws in California that can help protect motorcyclists when they are lane splitting. CVC 22400 restricts motorists from driving at speeds so slow that they impede the normal flow of traffic.

As of now, California does not have a specific law against lane sharing. Lane sharing is when two motorcycles ride next to each other in a single lane.

A Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney can help you understand your rights and present your case honestly and accurately in a court of law. Our goal is to have you awarded the compensable damages you deserve.

Why choose us?

We are affiliated with the best law firms in Carmichael and are confident that you will find the perfect attorney for your needs. You have many options, so we are ever grateful for being your choice in law representation.

We will help you with a free evaluation and clear any doubts on whether you have a case worth pursuing. Remember, if you can’t stand for yourself, we will stand for you. Take action today and contact a Carmichael motorcycle accident attorney.


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