Carmichael Truck Accident Attorney

A Carmichael truck accident attorney is more than just a well-dressed, highly paid individual with a briefcase. As a truck driver, you are vital in the logistics for a business to deliver products to their customers. A Carmichael truck accident attorney is vital in the logistics to deliver you legal compensation when it comes to an accident.

We all know most people discriminate against truck drivers. The average motorist is only concerned with getting to their destination without any impediments or setbacks. When there is traffic or a slowdown (especially in a single lane road) most drivers can get upset pretty quickly.

A Carmichael truck accident attorney has seen many cases where a person is unable to remain calm and patient behind a truck. People have so much on their plates these days. Having to slow down for a truck in front of them can be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

In the unfortunate event that an accident occurs between a motorist and a truck driver, the truck driver is almost always presumed to be at fault. A Carmichael truck accident attorney is familiar with this type of discrimination. It is mostly due to the size of the truck when compared to an automobile.

The David and Goliath effect

We call it the David and Goliath effect. People associate the ‘larger’ individual to be the antagonist in any confrontation, especially confrontations that end up involving injuries. Most people associate the person in the bigger vehicle to be the bully.

As a truck driver you are basically a ‘Goliath’ on the road. Even though we believe truck drivers are some of the most talented, safe and patient drivers out there, the sheer size of your truck invites immediate prejudice in an accident.

All common motorists picture themselves as ‘David’. They are the undersized and out matched opponent who is unable to compete in a physical confrontation with your truck. Unfortunately, because of this widespread mentality, the common motorist believes they can get away with unsafe and reckless driving.

The common motorist understands that people will automatically sympathize with them. They are the ‘David’ in the scenario. You on the other hand, are the truck driver ‘Goliath’ and must have been the cause of the accident.

This is why many truck drivers are even more cautious on the highways. Lucky for you, a Carmichael truck accident attorney is well versed in the laws that all motorists must follow when driving near a truck.

A Carmichael truck accident attorney is on your side and can help get you awarded the compensation you deserve.

How is a Truck Accident Different from other Accidents?

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Currently, an eighteen wheeler can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds in conjunction with their payload. That is a whole lot of mass that can cause some extremely extravagant damage.

There is currently legislation being pushed by the trucking industry. The maximum industry standard of 80,000 may be extended to 100,000 pounds. The potential for even greater damages may be right around the corner.

There have been estimates as low as three thousand deaths and as high as five thousand deaths involving truck accidents a year.

This does not help the big rig industries image.

Common injuries include:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Loss of limb
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones

People who walk away with injuries are the lucky ones. These figures account for why commercial truck insurance policies are so much higher than personal car insurance. The liability for greater damages is much higher. There is also the liability for the cargo being transported to consider.

If you think because you have insurance you will be covered, think again. The payouts and settlements are so much more in a truck accident case that most insurance companies fight even harder to deny payment and keep their money.

This is why a Carmichael truck accident attorney is essential. We will hold insurance companies accountable for their policy limits. A Carmichael truck accident attorney will immediately gather accurate evidence from the trucking company, the driver, and his or her insurance company to compile a case that will award you the compensable damages you deserve.

Top ten causes of a truck accident

A study done in 2007 shows the leading causes of truck accidents. Over eleven hundred large trucks and over nine hundred other motor vehicles where used to compile the list.

In no particular order, here are some common causes of truck accidents that may entitle you to receive compensation:

  • Twenty-two percent were simply from the driver not being familiar with the road.
  • Driver fatigue was once believed to be the most common cause of accident but it causes thirteen percent of them.
  • Most common was prescription or illicit drug use at twenty-six percent.
  • Speeding was also very common at twenty-three percent.
  • Nine percent are caused by the driver engaging in some illegal maneuver, like failing to use a turn signal.
  • Distracted driving is always a problem causing eight percent of accidents.
  • Over-the-counter medication contributed to eighteen percent.
  • Fourteen percent of accident are because a driver failed to check his or her bling spot.
  • Drivers who underestimate the level of evasive action needed cause seven percent.
  • Road rage and/or aggressive driving cause seven percent of accidents and are very often the deadliest ones.

What are Compensable Damages?

This is the money awarded to you, the plaintiff, by winning a formal lawsuit. The lawsuit can be concluded in court or by settling out of court in a non-formal settlement. It is paramount for you to be the plaintiff and not the defendant. The defendant, if found responsible for the accident, is responsible to pay out compensable damages to the plaintiff.

If you don’t know which option would better suit your needs, a formal lawsuit or an informal settlement, you need to contact a Carmichael truck accident attorney to discuss the best route for you.

There are always pros and cons to consider. One of the cons of an informal settlement is that the payout may not be as much. One of the pros is that the time frame in which you receive your money will be much faster. A formal lawsuit can drag out in court, but can have a substantial pay off when the case is concluded in your favor.

Again, this is where a Carmichael truck accident attorney will be invaluable. Our mission is to guide you towards your specific needs and wants. Don’t wait, act now.

What is a Statute of Limitations?

Being overwhelmed after an accident is expected. Most people just want to move on and move forward. The difficulties of managing recovery, family and potentially being unemployed can prolong the pursuit of a formal lawsuit.

Filing a formal complaint can be tedious. Starting the process of obtaining compensable damages can fall to the bottom of the list of things to do.

More often than not, people put aside the task of dealing with legal paperwork, courtrooms and lawyers. The primary focus should be recovery. This is all well and good until the insurance companies begin denying treatment. These treatments could be necessary to get you back to 100 percent.

Contact a Carmichael truck accident attorney as soon as you discover you have been injured. By doing so you can avoid the possibility of missing the statute of limitations deadline. Put more priority in pursing the legal compensation that could cover all your medical expenses, time off work and of course, your pain and suffering.

It is your obligation to know the statute of limitations for the type of injury you suffered. The time frame in which a person has to file a formal complaint differs by the type of injury incurred. For example, a sex crime has a different time frame than assault, and slander has a different time frame than a personal injury.

Don’t miss out on the legal compensation you deserve. There have been cases where unfortunate souls pursue legal compensation after the statute of limitations expired. These poor individuals were not able to pursue compensable damages.

A Carmichael truck accident attorney can help assure that there are no expensive surprises waiting for you during or after recovery.

How we can help

Automobile accidents can be messy and tedious when it comes to determining who gets compensable damages. It becomes ever so more complicated when a truck is involved. Losing a truck is more than just losing a moving metal monstrosity, its potentially losing a lifestyle.

A Carmichael truck accident attorney understands how the world may seem like it’s crashing down. The big beautiful hunk of steel-on-wheels that you once called home is now a pile of scrap metal.

Don’t let an accident ruin your love for the open road and take away your adventurous spirit. A Carmichael truck accident attorney will help you get your career-on-wheels back up and running. Come rain, or sleet, or ice, or snow, a Carmichael truck accident attorney will be by your side until you are able to answer the call of the open road again.





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