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California witnesses numerous boat accidents each year. This is primarily because of the presence of almost 900,000 water vessels registered in this state. As a result of boat accidents, many people suffer from serious injuries. In fact, serious incidents can even involve fatalities. While you would think that many of these accidents occur because of certain weather conditions, the statistics point in a different direction. A majority of such incidents take place due to the negligence from one of the parties involved.

If you or one of your loved ones has met such an unfortunate incident, you should know that getting justice is certainly possible. A qualified boat accident attorney in Sacramento can help you fight the negligent party and recover damages.


Common Causes of Boat Accidents

As mentioned earlier, boat accidents are often a result of negligence rather than external conditions such as the weather. Some of the common causes of boat accidents include the distraction or lack of attention from the operator’s side. Falling off the boat is also a common occurrence. It can be a result of excessive alcohol consumption of people on board.

The collision of boats into other water bodies and vessels is another situation that occurs due to the operator’s negligence. In many of these cases, the negligence is a result of alcohol influence. An experienced boat accident attorney in Sacramento will work with you to understand the events that lead to the accident. Furthermore, they will find out whether the other party had been negligent.

What You Should Do Immediately After a Boat Accident

According to the law, operators are thought to be responsible for reporting a boat accident as soon as it occurs to the authorities. They are also obligated to help the injured people and submit a report to the California Department of Boating. However, this report is only necessary when:

  1. The accidents involved a fatality, or a passenger disappeared.
  2. One of the passengers on board suffered an injury that requires medical treatment that extends beyond primary first aid.
  3. There is property damage worth $500 or more.

This report needs to be submitted to the authorities within 48 hours of the incident if there was an injury, fatality, or disappearance involved. However, if the accident only resulted in property damage, the operator has ten days after the date of the incident to submit the report. If you have the support of a qualified boat accident attorney in Sacramento, they will file this report on your behalf.

The statute of Limitations Regarding Boat Accidents

The Jones Act of the Merchant Marine Act allows the injured party to claim for damages and receive compensation from their employer if they can prove negligence. However, their claim period is only limited to two years after the accident takes place. If you attempt to file a lawsuit after two years have passed, rejection will be imminent. If the operator of the boat has shown negligence and you have suffered injuries due to their negligence, you can recover damages and file a lawsuit against the operator or other negligent parties within two years. There are some exceptions to this law which make it possible for the injured party to claim after the two years. These include:

  1. The injury left the victim physically or mentally incapable.
  2. The victim is under 18.
  3. The severity of the injury was realized later rather than right after the incident took place.

A qualified boat accident attorney in Sacramento will help you understand all these rules and regulations and encourage you to take the right steps at the right time.

How Are Damages Calculated?

Once your boat accident attorney in Sacramento has understood who the negligent party is, you can move on to filing a lawsuit against the party and recover damages. A skilled boat accident attorney in Sacramento will help you calculate the total damages. These damages include:

  1. Wages lost – This category includes the current wages that the victim has lost due to the injuries suffered. Additionally, the lawyer also works to receive compensation for future wages that his/her client will lose due to the inability to work.
  2. Pain and Suffering – It is the pain that the injured party has suffered right after the accident. It also includes emotional trauma that they had to go through. This category will also cover the long-term effects of the accidents on the mental as well as physical health of the injured person.
  3. Medical Bills – The victim has paid for medical treatment, drugs, hospital stay, etc. These costs are huge, and the negligent party must cover them for the victim. These medical bills will begin from the moment the person went to the hospital after the accident.
  4. Loss of Consortium – The spouse of the injured party can also file for loss of consortium provided that the injured is no longer able to function as before the accident.1

How to Choose the Right Boat Accident Attorney in Sacramento

Finding the right boat accident attorney in Sacramento is extremely important for your ability to recover as muchin damages as possible. A qualified boat accident attorney in Sacramento will help you understand the laws and regulations of your case and work with you to calculate the amountin damages you should be aiming to claim from the negligent party. When trying to find the right boat accidentattorney in Sacramento, make sure you look at their:

  1. Experience – The number of years spent by the boat accident attorney in Sacramento matter since skilled attorneys will be able to handle the case with an expertise that is unmatched.
  2. Success– Look at the reviews of the boat accident attorney in Sacramento you are considering to get an idea about their success. You want to hire an attorney with an admirable success rate. Their success rate is often available on their websites.
  3. Level of Comfort – Lastly, it is very important that you work with an attorney who you feel comfortable with and who shows compassion for your case.

How We Can Help

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