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Sacramento has many great hospitals. There are also has many great lawyers and healthcare providers in Sacramento. As the city of Sacramento continues to grow, our legal and healthcare resources are great assets to have. A Sacramento brain injury attorney specializes in personal injuries sustained to the head. If you or a loved one has suffered from a brain injury contact a Sacramento brain injury lawyer today.

Injuries to the brain and head can be very traumatic. This is because injuries that affect the brain can affect how the rest of the body functions. A person’s cognitive ability may be affected as well. Memory and focus can be greatly impaired.

The brain regulates and controls all the functions of the body. Hence, if the brain is injured many subsequent parts of the body may be affected as well. You don’t have to suffer a brain injury alone. Contact a Sacramento brain injury attorney today. You may be entitled to legal compensation.

Remember, loss of mental function could diminish your quality of life. People who suffer from a brain injury may not be able to perform their normal duties at work. You may lose income due to a brain injury.

A Sacramento brain injury lawyer can help you recover lost wages and other damages. A person may lose the ability to perform activities of daily life. Simple tasks can become monumental obstacles. A Sacramento brain injury attorney will work with you to recover the medical expenses needed to properly recover.

Heaven forbid your brain injury is a lifelong life altering incident. A Sacramento brain injury attorney will compassionately help you through the hurdles you may face to cope with your brain injury and get you the compensable damages you deserve.

What is a Brain Injury?

The two main types of brain injuries are traumatic and acquired. If a person is born with a brain injury then they are classified as having an acquired brain injury. An acquired brain injury basically means a person was born with an impairment to their brain.

A traumatic brain injury is a result of trauma after birth. The trauma tends to be caused by external force. The external force is usually a result of negligence or recklessness.

Hence, a Sacramento brain injury lawyer specializes in traumatic brain injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries are all unique. The way a person is affected by a traumatic brain injury is never predictable. Furthermore, a person suffering from a brain injury will have different symptoms depending on how severe and what part of the brain was damaged.

As a result, a person can be left with cognitive impairments, behavioral disorders and even loss of motor skills.

Hence, a Sacramento brain injury lawyer should be in your plan of action to recoup damages.

Causes of a Brain Injury

Many brain injuries are due to accidents. It may seem that who is at fault should be easy to decipher in an accident. In most situations this is just not the case. No one wants to be responsible for legal compensation and consequences. When a brain injury is involved it can be a much scarier situation. Someone’s life is possibly altered and affected for life.

Here are some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries:

  1. Falls are a huge cause for traumatic brain injuries. Falls can occur at any place and at any time. A fall from a reasonable height can result in a traumatic brain injury.
  2. Do you practice martial arts or play hockey? Sports-related brain injuries are also common. Many football players suffer from concussions while on the field.
  3. Involvement in an automobile accident is very common. A car collision will cause a sudden jolt to the body when the car comes to a forced halt. Victims of car accidents tend to suffer head and neck injuries.
  4. Unsafe work environments are another leading cause. Mishaps while working with machines and tools can result in life-changing incidents. Was your employer required to furnish you safety gear like a helmet but didn’t? Even if you were wearing head protection you may be eligible for compensable damages from your employer.

What to Do in a Sacramento Brain Injury Incident

A Sacramento brain injury lawyer will guide you step by step through the process. There are many things to consider. Insurance companies will try and settle with you very quickly. Don’t agree to anything until you have contacted a Sacramento brain injury Attorney. You may miss out on a much higher settlement package. Remember, once you agree to settle, you cannot take your case back to court.

Report to a physician immediately. It may take a while to grasp the scope of your injury. Furthermore, early treatment can have a huge impact on how long or severe your injury is.

Traumatic brain injuries may not always be apparent at first. Even if a traumatic brain injury is not detected in the emergency room or by your physician, it is a good idea to seek a second opinion. Visiting a specialist like a neurologist should be discussed. A specialist can be vital to your case.

Furthermore, it is crucial you get in touch with a Sacramento brain injury attorney. Medical expenses for personal injuries can be high. The cost of treating a traumatic brain injury can be extravagant. This is because the brain is a highly sophisticated and extremely complex organ. Thus, the medical procedures to treat a traumatic brain injury have to be just as sophisticated and complex. Sophisticated technology and specialized providers are expensive.

Medical records

Keep all your records. Keep a journal if you are able. The most valuable records are the ones between you and your physician. Describe everything in detail.

Relay to your doctor how you feel and what you are having trouble with. Describe how the incident and injury has affected your activities of daily life. How has the injury affected work? Did you have to take time off? Are you even able to go back to work?

Remember that you may be dealing with life altering changes. A Sacramento brain injury lawyer will ensure you are compensated for what you are and what you will have to live with.

Calculating Damages

A Sacramento brain injury attorney will help calculate the compensable damages you are entitled to for your traumatic brain injury.

In the recent past a victim of a brain injury might not be able to recover damages if they contributed to the accident in any way. Rightfully, California has changed the rules. Pure Comparative Negligence is now in place. This allows an injured individual to file formal claims even if they share some of the blame.

Statute of Limitations

Many people want to move on with their lives after an accident. The primary focus is recovery, as it should be. Once a person starts to feel a little better, they may forget that they may be eligible for compensable damages.

A formal lawsuit may be something that they don’t want to involve themselves in. When a person begins putting their life back together they may not want to think about legal paperwork, courtrooms and attorneys.

This is all well and good until the medical bills start coming in. Perhaps the insurance limits were not enough or the insurance company itself starts denying payment.

This tends to be the time when a person files a formal lawsuit. Sadly, they may be too late. Once your statute of limitations has expired there is no recourse. It is your duty to know how much time you have to file a formal lawsuit. Once time expires you cannot pursue legal compensation anymore.

Contact a Sacramento brain injury lawyer before it’s too late.

How We Can Help


Don’t let the incident take away more than it has to. A Sacramento brain injury attorney will help you get your life back together.

We are here to help. Every personal injury case is different and intricate. It becomes ever so more complicated when a traumatic brain injury is involved.

Contact a Sacramento brain injury lawyer to get a free evaluation of your case now.




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