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When you think of cities that are at risk for burning Sacramento doesn’t come to mind. With all the fires of 2018 Sacramento was generally a safe place to be. The thing is, burn accidents don’t have to be the cause of a great forest fire. A Sacramento burn injury lawyer can come in handy for the small stuff as well as the big.

Have you suffered a burn injury at work? Has the carelessness of a business or government entity caused you harm in a burn accident? A Sacramento burn injury lawyer will help you seek legal compensation.

Suffering through a burn accident can be difficult. No one likes to be burned. Fire and intense heat are things that people are instinctually averse to. Hence, burn injuries can be extremely traumatic.

Enduring the pain of heat that can melt flesh is just the beginning of a burn injury. Burn injuries can be lifelong. Burns can create scar tissue and permanently alter skin. As a result, this can affect how easily you are able to move. This is because scar tissue is far less elastic than normal skin.

You may have to deal with pain and disfigurement for the rest of your life. One of the most prudent things you can do is contact a Sacramento burn injury lawyer after you seek medical care.

A Sacramento burn injury lawyer empathizes with what you are going through. If another individual, business or corporate entity was responsible for your burn accident you can file for legal damages.

You don’t have to go through your accident alone. Contact a Sacramento burn injury lawyer today.

Types of burn injuries

Like an onion, human skin is made up of layers. Therefore, the more layers of skin affected by a burn, the severe the injury. Furthermore, burns may only be superficial, meaning they only affect the top most layer of the skin. Even so, you may still file a formal lawsuit for a minor scalding.

The number of layers that are affected by the burn will determine the severity of the burn. The most severe burns go beyond the deepest layers of skin to the muscle and fat tissue.

A Sacramento burn injury lawyer requires documentation from you physician to prove the severity of your burn injury. Medical records will help get you the compensation you deserve.

Generally speaking, there are four degrees of burn injuries. Let’s briefly touch on them.

First-degree burns:

The least severe burn injury is called a first degree burn. First degree burns tend to go away quickly and may only require minor treatment. Almost all first degree burns can be successfully treated with over the counter creams. Sometimes, first degree burns will go away just by using a cold compress or running the burn under tap-cold water.

Although you may feel you have a superficial burn, you should seek medical attention. Burns can be tricky to assess properly. You may think you have a superficial burn when in fact you may have a more severe type of injury.

Second-degree burns:

Second degree burns reach farther than the top layer of skin. Although more layers may be affected, the burn stops before reaching the nerves. As a result of more layers of skin being affected, the burn injury in turn is also more severe.

Although second degree burns may not be life threatening, you should still seek medical help. Judging a burn by yourself is too difficult. Though the majority of second degree burns can be treated at home, it is best to be cautious.

Third-degree burns:

Third degree burns are far more serious. You will require immediate medical attention. Do not try to treat a third degree burn yourself. Third degree burns can cause extensive damage to the nerves. Therefore, the damage can be severe and take a long time to fully heal.

Third degree burns can also require surgery to completely heal. Scarring is also a possibility.

Fourth-degree burns:

Fourth degree burns are serious injuries that require emergency medical attention. Fourth degree burns can be excruciating to endure. Nerves, muscle and fat can be damaged making recovery a lengthy and involved process.

Fourth degree burns will most often require surgery to heal and can be life threatening.

Common Accidents associated with burn injuries

There are many ways burn injuries can occur. A Sacramento burn injury lawyer will help assess your case. Some of the most common accidents are from ordinary encounters in everyday situations.

Therefore, the most frequent burn injuries are due to:

  • Fire
  • Electric currents
  • Hot liquid
  • Chemical exposure
  • Radiation
  • Hot objects (heater, stove, pots and pans)
  • UV light (tanning beds)

Calculation of Damages

Remember, there are more than just physical damages. There are mental and emotional challenges that you will have to overcome as well. All factors must be considered for compensable damages.

A Sacramento burn injury lawyer will help you file for the damages you are entitled for. Your burn injury must be proven to have occurred due to the reckless or negligent behavior of an individual or entity.

A Sacramento burn injury lawyer will go over the details of your case. After compiling all the evidence, a Sacramento burn injury lawyer will discuss the potential damages owed to you.

Some of the factors used to calculate the damages include:

The Intensity of the Burn/s

There are many types of burns. Hence, the severity of the burn will play a role in determining the damages paid to you. It is essential to maintain a working relationship with your physician and acquire documentation about the severity of your burn.

The severity of your burn goes hand in hand with determine the length of time expected for you to heal and fully recover. Sometimes, the estimated length of recovery can be way off. You may end up taking much longer than originally expected to heal.

Most insurance providers do not cover cosmetic surgery. If you would like to remove scar tissue you may only have the means to afford surgery by obtaining damages paid through a lawsuit.

Medical Expense

Medical expenses you incurred to recover and to regain your former image will be a major consideration. In some cases, burns can be so severe that they require lifelong care.

Any medical treatments that will be ongoing or are foreseen in the future will need to be documented. Likewise, any treatment expense you incurred may be eligible as well.

Non-traditional expenses like acupuncture and massage therapy may have significance in your formal lawsuit. To be safe, it is an excellent idea to include all medically related expenses as damages.

Lost Wages

Not being able to work is common in regards to a burn injury. You may also not be able to physically work due to pain from the injury.

Recovering lost wages related to the burn injury may be another factor in calculating damages. Similarly, the future medical expenses should be considered. Loss of future wages should be as considered as well.

Pain & Suffering

You may suffer from anxiety by the embarrassment that you feel from your scars. Hence, you may suffer from a phobia of fire or to whatever caused you the burn injury.

Consequently, burn victims tend to suffer from long lasting chronic pain. Pain and discomfort are important aspects to consider in the damages that are to be recovered.

Please contact a Sacramento burn injury lawyer for details in calculating the compensable damages owed to you.

How We Can Help

A Sacramento burn injury lawyer can help you. A burn injury at any level can be traumatic. Every personal injury case is different. A burn injury case can be ever so more complicated.

Don’t let a burn injury affect you more than it has to. A Sacramento burn injury lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve. Act now for a free evaluation of your case.




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