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A Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer understands why you ride. Freedom. Freedom to take on the open road with minimal restraints and maximum adventure. A ride through midtown Sacramento to cruise the city blocks can be just as thrilling as opening the throttle on a stretch of highway leading to some unknown destination out of town.

One of the best things about riding a motorcycle is the bittersweet feeling of vulnerability. Being vulnerable makes you feel alive. Knowing you ride with only your expertise and intuition to guide your actions is liberating. Likewise, knowing one wrong move by you or another motorist can cause you to lay six feet under keeps you on your toes and ever vigilant.

Due to statistics, it’s not if you crash, it’s when you crash, will you be able to walk away and live to ride another day? A Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer will be there by your side when you need him. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney today.

Hopefully, when you are ready to get back on the bike, the motorcycle accident attorney Sacramento team will have gotten you the legal compensation you deserve. Not having to worry about all the medical bills it will take to bring you back to riding condition means being able to focus on recovering.

Recovery may take more time and money than you expected. Let a Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer work for you. You will feel good knowing you have a professional who empathizes with you by your side. A Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney will be with you every step of the way.


It is our mission to help you through your recovery. Your success is our success. The motorcycle accident attorney Sacramento team wishes you a speedy recovery. Our goal is to win you the compensable damages you deserve.

There are many ways a Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer can help with that. A Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney will compile a list of your medical bills, lost wages, the cost of replacing your property, and of course your pain and suffering.

You may experience a few setbacks. A Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer will be with you every step of the way. You deserve the best. Contact a Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer today.

Motorcycle Accident VS Auto Accident

The size and safety of a motorcycle is the biggest difference in comparison to an auto accident. When a person crashes on a motorcycle there is no protective metal cage to help protect them. Therefore, the injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident can be far greater and more fatal.

Most people think of a motorcycle as being light and nimble, hence, easy to maneuver and stop. This is a false assumption. Motorists don’t realize the limitations of a motorcycle. Though a motorcycle is light it only has two wheels on the road for traction as opposed to the four wheels a car has. Traction helps stop a moving vehicle.

Having two brakes is also another setback. Again, motorists don’t realize that braking quickly can be dangerous. A car only has one brake pedal. A motorcycle has a foot brake and a hand brake. The foot brakes the rear wheel, while the hand brakes the front wheel. By only using the front brake in a panic to brake quickly, the back end of the bike can come up over the top of the bike and flip the rider over.

Hence, a car is much easier and safer to stop in a pinch. A Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer doesn’t really have to explain why medical expenses can be much higher in a motorcycle accident. A rider doesn’t have a seat belt or anything to protect him from being thrown onto the ground and sliding across the road.


If you haven’t been in a motorcycle accident and are just doing some due diligent research. Heed the following advice. Get more medical coverage to supplement the other persons insurance just in case their policy limit is not enough. The only safety protection a rider has is his leather, helmet and hopefully riding boots. In a high speed collision this ‘armor’ won’t be enough.


Even if you are found not at fault, the other person’s policy limit may not be enough to cover all your medical expenses. A Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer has witnessed far too many people win a settlement that didn’t cover all their medical expenses. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney. We are not an insurance firm, but the motorcycle accident attorney Sacramento team may still be able to help. We can help you ask the right questions when speaking with your insurance provider. This way you will be more protected.

Biggest difference

A Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer has to prep the client for the prejudice they will face in the courtroom. This is the shocking difference compared to auto accident cases. Non-motorcycle riders have stereotyped motorcyclists as being immature showoffs and adrenaline junkies.  The majority of society believes that motorcyclists who were involved in an accident probably deserved it.

We are on your side

A Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney is not prejudice. The motorcycle accident attorney Sacramento team is on your side. We believe in building a fair case and will represent you with dignity and respect. You may look like a free spirit who resembles an outlaw, but that doesn’t mean you are one.

We believe that most motorcyclists ride with respect and regard to street laws. It is because of their vulnerability that many motorcyclists practice safe riding. Consequently, they are unfairly judged because their machine has two wheels instead of four.

Motorcycle discrimination

America is and has always been a melting pot. Our variety and differences help make America great. California is one of the most diverse states in our nation. The government (feds, state, county, or government operated business cannot discriminate against age, race, sex, religion, or national origin.

As the motorcycle accident attorney Sacramento team has discussed, the biggest hurdle is the fact that most people (jury members included) tend to believe that people who ride motorcycles are of a different breed than the rest of society.

Our government cannot forbid you from wearing clothes or banners associated with a motorcycle club. The government cannot control your affiliation with any group you wish to be a part of.

Private businesses are not so simple though. In some states, private businesses CAN discriminate against you as a motorcyclist! The first amendment does not protect you from the discrimination of a private business against your affiliation with a motorcycle club, the clothes you wear, or the fact you ride a motorcycle.

The sad fact is people discriminate against motorcyclists. This is where a knowledgeable and professional motorcycle attorney will come in handy. A Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney can help the court and jury to acknowledge you as an equal member of society.

Know your road rights as a motorcyclist

As a motorcycle rider you know the benefits of the 2016 law that allows motorcyclists to move between lanes to navigate traffic.  This is lane splitting.

As lane splitting is legal there are other laws that are meant to ensure the safety of a motorcycle rider. One such law is CVC 22400 which restricts motorists from driving at speeds so slow that they impede the normal flow of traffic.

A Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer can help you better understand and navigate the many more laws California has for a motorcyclist.

There are many things that are not illegal when it comes to riding as well such as lane sharing with another motorcycle. There are however some intricacies that must be understood, and that is where contacting a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney comes in.

Why choose us?

The motorcycle accident attorney Sacramento team is confident that you will find the perfect attorney for you. You have many options, so we are ever grateful for being your choice in law representation.

A Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer will help you with a free evaluation and clear any doubts on whether you have a case worth pursuing. Take action today and contact a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney. When you can’t stand for yourself, we will stand for you.


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