Why You Need a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffered in an injury in an accident that involved another party’s fault, contact a professional Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer today.

Many individuals find themselves unprepared for the aftermath of an accident. The medical bills start piling up and you have no idea where to go for help. Your injuries might also prevent you from showing up at work. So, how does one get the compensation they truly deserve? While it is natural to fall back on your insurance providers, experts suggest against it. This is because the insurance providers try to settle matters as soon as possible. They do not take into consideration the impact of the accident on your life entirely. Instead, they aim to provide you with the amount you need right away.

Personal injury cases are complex. If you have suffered a serious injury such as a Traumatic Brain Injury, your life will change dramatically. You might not be able to work the same job as you used to before the accident. At *company name*, we understand how agonizing a personal injury can be. Hence, we make sure that each of our clients gets the help and support they require. A qualified Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer from *company name* will do everything to recover as much in damages as possible.


Why You Need a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

California is a comparative fault law, which means that you can recover damages regardless of the degree of your fault. If you expect an insurance provider to solve all your worries, you need to reconsider your options. A Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer will not only focus on providing you support for immediate expenses. Instead, a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer will begin by understanding the details of the accident.

A *company name* Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer will firstly ask you to recall the events on the day of the accident. After that, if needed, your lawyer will determine the degree of each individual’s fault by working with an expert. After recreating the accident and getting a full understanding of the accident, your Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer will determine the damages.

When determining damages to recover, your physician will share details about the injuries you have suffered. In some cases, because of the severity of injuries, individuals are unable to go back to their routine. When this happens, your Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer will include future expenses a part of damages.

Types of Accidents

There are different accidents that can result in personal injuries. To be eligible for filing personal injury claims, you need to prove that the other party was at fault. The negligence of another person is important to prove to become eligible for recovering damages. The types of accidents seen most regularly include:

  1. Car Accidents
  2. Boat Accidents
  3. Motorcycle Accidents
  4. Dog Bite Accidents
  5. Truck Accidents
  6. Burn Accidents

How the Court Calculates Damages

The damages that your Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer will help you recover will differ according to your case. However, in accidents that involve severe injuries, the most common damages include:

1. Loss of Wages (Present and Future)

As mentioned, a qualified lawyer will not only claim for lost wages in the present but also the future. This is because some severe injuries make individuals unable to carry out difficult tasks. This gives them no choice but to quit their present jobs and take up an easier one. In such a situation, you can claim for wages that have been lost because of the inability. This amount will be higher if the injuries were serious enough to make the person not able to work at all.

2. Pain & Suffering

The anxiety and depression that comes with such a tragic incident are a part of the damages. Being in an accident can result in emotional and mental trauma. A good lawyer helps you recover damages for such type of suffering as well. Moreover, the pain that you had to bear because of injuries, is also given due consideration. Some people end up suffering from chronic pain due to the injuries of the accident. If this happens, your lawyer can help you recover an appropriate amount for this pain too.

3. Medical Expenses

Costs associated with the medical procedures vary according to the severity of the accident. In cases wherein, Traumatic Brain Injury is involved, the medical expenses are extremely high. To account for that, your Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer will make sure that the severity of your injuries is understood. Moreover, the damages cover the expenses from the time you came into the emergency until you leave the hospital.

4. Loss of Consortium

It is not only the injured individual who suffers as a result of the accident. The family and spouse particularly suffer tremendously as well. If your relationship with your spouse has suffered in anyway due to the injuries of the accident, loss of consortium can be considered. Your spouse will be able to claim damages for the effect on your relationship as well.

Statute of Limitations

The most important reason why you should contact a qualified Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer is to understand the law. Many people fail to recover anything because they wait for too long and the Statute of Limitations involves a 2-year period. If you do not file your lawsuit within 2 years of the accident, your case might get dismissed immediately. Moreover, if the negligent party is a Governmental body, you have only 6 months to file your claim. Therefore, to act as soon as possible, you need to have the help of a qualified Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer.

How We Can Help

At *company name*, we understand the trauma that you experience because of unexpected accidents. Personal Injuries can have devastating effects on your whole family. This is why it is important that you contact our team of professional personal injury lawyers immediately after an accident. Without the support of a qualified lawyer, you risk ending up losing more than you have gained. So, contact us today and let us take care of all your worries while you focus on healing.


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