Bakersfield Boat Accident Lawyer

Your boat is your pride and joy. The way you sail through the water is safe yet still adventurous. No matter how much fun you have or how safe you are accidents still happen. A Bakersfield boat accident lawyer will be there to help you when you are injured.

California is a boat enthusiasts dream. The weather and the sun is almost always conducive for boating. A Bakersfield boat accident lawyer understands the lure. Some days it is almost a sin to work instead of enjoying the sun, wind and water on your boat.

Many Californians struggle with this. There are about 900,000 registered water vessels in the Golden State. This is certainly why the odds of an accident is so high. This the most noteworthy reason to be prepared in case of an accident.

Life vests and knowing what to do if you are thrown over your vessel is important. Therefore, water safety is nothing to splash about. A Bakersfield boat accident lawyer takes accidents seriously. Hence, you don’t want to find yourself at fault for a boat accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a boat accident contact a Bakersfield boat accident lawyer. You may be entitled to legal compensation. Consequently, the majority of boat accidents are due to negligence from one of the parties involved.

Common Causes of Boat Accidents

External conditions can be the cause of a boat accident. However, the leading cause of boat accidents are due to recklessness or negligence. The fun summer sun can be distracting. More and more people are using boats to host parties. People tend to pack drinking, music and dancing on a tiny, fast, water vessel.

As a result accidents happen easily. Another reason accidents occur is reckless operation of a boat. It is fun to make fast turns on a boat. Making waves and spraying water around is hard to resist. As a result, people may fall overboard.

If you have been injured in a boat accident contact a Bakersfield boat accident lawyer today. A Bakersfield boat accident lawyer will gather evidence and put together a detailed case of the incident. They will be able to decipher if the accident was due to the negligence of another individual.

What to Do Immediately After a Boat Accident

Some accidents may require the operator of the boat to report the incident. A report must be submitted to the California Department of Boating. This must be done as soon as possible. The individual operating the boat is also responsible to help anyone injured in the boat.

Furthermore, the report to the California Department of Boating is only necessary when:

  • There is property damage worth $500 or more.
  • There was a death or a passenger disappeared.
  • A passenger sustained an injury that required medical treatment beyond primary first aid.

The statute of Limitations Regarding Boat Accidents

A Bakersfield boat accident lawyer should be contacted as soon as possible to avoid missing the deadline to file a formal lawsuit. Many people put off filing a formal complaint for an incident because of relationship ties to the operator of the boat. Furthermore, recovery can be overwhelming. Some boat accidents can be catastrophic.

Many employers treat their employees to boating or rafting trips for a fun team building and bonding exercise. The Jones Act of the Merchant Marine Act allows an injured individual to claim damages from their employer if they can prove negligence.

Know that a statute of limitations is the timeframe in which an individual has to file a formal complaint for their injury. This is another reason to contact a Bakersfield boat accident lawyer. Don’t hesitate, act now. Time doesn’t wait for anyone. Certainly it is better to file and withdraw than not to be able to seek damages when you need compensation.

The current statute of limitations for an injury to a boat accident is two years. There are some exceptions.

These exceptions include:

  • The injured is a minor under 18
  • The injury was discovered later rather than right after the injury
  • The injured became mentally incapable of physically paralyzed

A Bakersfield boat accident lawyer will guide you through the process.

How Are Damages Calculated?

When your Bakersfield boat accident lawyer deciphers who the negligent party is, then you can file for damages. Recovering compensable damages can be a long road. One of the steps is to calculate the damages owed to you.

Some of the damages to include are:

  • Lost wages while you are healing and recovering. Rehabilitation can prevent an individual from working. Missing work can take a toll financially. Recovering lost wages will be included in calculating damages. A Bakersfield boat accident lawyer will also calculate future lost wages if you are still unable to work.
  • Medical expenses you incurred for recovery and to regain your functionality will be a major factor. In some cases, injuries can be so severe that they require lifetime care.

Any medical treatments that will be ongoing or are foreseen in the future will need to be documented.

Non-traditional expenses like acupuncture and massage therapy may have significance in your formal lawsuit. To be safe, it is prudent to include any medical related expense as damages.

  • Pain and suffering is a definite factor. It is hard to put a dollar amount to the pain and suffering you have to endure to fully recover. This is why a Bakersfield boat accident lawyer is so necessary. They know how the court determines the value of the trauma you are going through.
  • There is emotional stress from the accident. Likewise, people can suddenly have anxiety and panic attacks from the sight of a boat or water. This would conclude that a person has taken on a phobia from their experience.

All this needs to be taken into consideration when filing a formal lawsuit. Working with a Bakersfield boat accident lawyer will help you get the compensable damages you deserve. Don’t hesitate, act now.

How to Choose the Right Boat Accident Attorney in Sacramento

A Bakersfield boat accident lawyer is extremely important to recover as much in damages as possible. A Bakersfield boat accident lawyer will help you understand the laws that govern your case. They will work with you to calculate the damages you should be awarded. Remember, a Bakersfield) boat accident lawyer adds value to your case:

  1. Experience – The number of years spent as a Bakersfield boat accident lawyer matter. Skilled attorneys will be able to handle the case with an expertise that is unmatched.
  2. Success– Just look at the reviews of the Bakersfield boat accident lawyer you are considering. You want to hire an attorney with an admirable success rate. Their success rate is often available on their websites.
  3. Level of Comfort – Lastly, it is very important that you work with a Bakersfield boat accident lawyer who you feel comfortable with and who shows compassion for your case.

How We Can Help

Remember your Injuries matter. Your pain and suffering matters.

We understand your situation. The emotional and physical endurance that you have to go through as a result of a boat accident can have major implications on your quality of life.

Our skills and knowledge will surely help you heal peacefully. Do not wait another day. Contact a Bakersfield boat accident lawyer to help you out of deep water.



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