Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney

A Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney understands the freedom of riding a motorcycle. There is a special feeling when the motorcycle is rumbling under you and your worries disappearing behind you.

There is a love only motorcycle riders understand when you put your foot on the shifter, your hand on the throttle and get ready to take off.

The love and freedom you get from riding is always shadowed by another feeling, a feeling you can’t exactly pinpoint. The feeling you can’t exactly pinpoint is that at any moment that freedom and joy can end in the blink of an eye. That is where a Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney comes in.

A Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney is ready to help with motorcycle related accident cases. A Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney understands you might be eligible for compensation and is ready to help!

The cost associated with an accident and recovery can be a lot more than anticipated. When you are ready to get back on your bike don’t delay, a Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney is ready and prepared to help.

Our mission

It is our mission to get you what you deserve. Whether that is compensation for medical bills or time away from work, a Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer is standing ready. We want to make sure you are back to feeling like you again. If that means a Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer helps you get the compensation for a new bike or just feel better, that is what they will work to do.

A Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer understands the feeling that comes from a motorcycle accident. It isn’t just the physical damage to the bike; it is the damage to the confidence of the rider. A Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer will be there every step of the way, even if there are some setbacks, and get you back to normal.

Of Course you deserve the best, so contact a Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your case.

How is a motorcycle accident case different from an auto accident case?

The difference between a motorcycle and a car are obvious. You know you are much more exposed on a motorcycle than in a car. This means the injuries that are sustained from an accident are usually more severe and take longer to heal. That means more time away from your normal life.

An average car driver does not understand the intricacies of riding a motorcycle. They don’t understand how breaking works different with two wheels instead of four. They don’t understand the way a motorcycle turns or maneuvers.

The automobile driver does not understand how four wheels on the road dramatically help in breaking. They do not control each brake separately like on a motorcycle. This means there is no understanding of stopping too fast on the front brake and potentially causing the motorcycle to flip.

Because of this overall lack of understanding by automobile drivers, it is vital to understand the best insurance to have while riding your motorcycle. The best tip to follow is potentially increasing the medical coverage you have on your policy to help supplement for the drivers lack of coverage. This small piece of advice will make all the difference if you ever find yourself in an accident.


It doesn’t take a Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney to tell you that motorcycle insurance is legally required in the state of California. However, did you know that even if you are found not at fault, the insurance that you currently have may not be enough? Don’t let your insurance fall short; make sure you have the proper coverage for your situation.

Please understand, we are not an insurance firm; however we know the correct questions to ask. More importantly a Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney has seen many cases and knows where the shortfalls usually are in a policy.

Biggest difference

There should be no real difference in the court room between a motorcycle accident and an automobile accident, however, sadly there is. Motorcycle riders are pushed into two categories, a young adrenaline junky on a crouch rocket, or a member of an outlaw biker gang. These categories could not be farther from the truth and a Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer knows that, and knows how to ensure there are no prejudices.

We are on your side

A Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer understands you, and is there to help you in your case. This means the utmost respect and dignity will be used in your case. No matter how society views you.

We know most riders ride with respect for their motorcycles and the laws of the road. It is this respect for themselves and the road that make riders practice the safest riding possible even if they are being judged for being on two wheels and not four.

Medical records

One of if not the largest difference between automobile accidents and motorcycle accidents is how catastrophic motorcycle crashes can be.

Always maintain some sort of log! Write everything down. How has the accident interrupted your normal activities and life? What is hurting that didn’t before? What can’t you do or enjoy that you could before? The more notes you have the better for your case.

A Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney will encourage you to maintain constant interaction with your physician. Get everything documented! Get everything documented in a way that is as detailed as possible. The things that are affecting your life, even if you don’t think they are related to the accident, it will help!

Accurate medical records hold the most value in a court of law.

There will be challenges! That is why you should make sure you have a Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney by your side, as a partner.

Motorcycle discrimination

Don’t let the personal and social bias toward motorcycle riders be a factor in your court case. Don’t allow yourself to be discriminated against.

We as Americans are a part of the largest melting pot in the world, especially here in California.  No governmental entity may legally discriminate against a person for age, sex, race, religion or national origin.

The no discrimination from the government extends to things like motorcycle clubs, clothes and banners you might associate with.

When it comes to private business however, they do not have to follow the same no discrimination policy.  A private business CAN in fact discriminate against you as a motorcycle rider! They can turn you away simply because you are wearing protective gear such as a leather vest!

Although this fact is sad there are people that can help. A Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer understands the laws and knows what a private business is legally allowed to do. This means you can understand the laws too!

The job of a Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney doesn’t end at understanding the law however. It is also to make sure you are not the victim of discrimination within the court room and within the law. You are a law abiding citizen of this melting pot and you have the right to be looked at with no bias or discrimination.

Know your road rights as a motorcyclist

As a motorcycle rider you know the benefits of the 2016 law that allows motorcyclists to move between lanes to navigate traffic.  This is lane splitting.

As lane splitting is legal there are other laws that are meant to ensure the safety of a motorcycle rider. One such law is CVC 22400 which restricts motorists from driving at speeds so slow that they impede the normal flow of traffic.

A Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney can help you better understand and navigate the many more laws California has for a motorcyclist.

There are many things that are not illegal when it comes to riding as well such as lane sharing with another motorcycle. There are however some intricacies that must be understood, and that is where contacting a Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney comes in.

Why choose us?

A Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer is waiting and we are here to help you with your individual needs. There are many options and we know we can provide the simplest solution for you.

We provide a free evaluation on your case to ensure all doubt is removed. You will know if your case is worth pursuing. Bottom line is we are here to help you and make sure you have the proper people helping you. Contact a Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyer for your needs today!


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