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The Bakersfield Truck Accident Attorney team understands that driving truck isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. When the open road calls, you have to answer. People may think they understand the life of a trucker, but they have no idea.

The long hours, sleepless nights and demanding deadlines in hazardous weather conditions gift you stories that only your truck driver brethren can relate to.

The things you have seen and the places you have been are the silver lining to your wonderful but thankless existence. You have always understood what you signed up for and honestly, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

No matter how safe and courteous of a driver you are, it only takes one accident to demolish not only your livelihood, but your reputation as a reliable transporter. The other guy (usually in a hot rod of a vehicle who has no respect for the size of your rig and the talent it takes to sail it through the highway without incident) cuts you off and causes you to lose control.


The truck driver is immediately stereotyped as a reckless driver and the one at fault.

Other motorists don’t understand the responsibility of navigating a metal machine of so many tons. You may not need a college degree to drive truck, but you need an almost infinite amount of patience and understanding, as well as steady hands, endurance and a heart of pure gold.

If you have suffered an accident, a Bakersfield truck accident lawyer understands your situation. A Bakersfield truck accident lawyer will fight for you and compile all the facts to prove that you are the victim and deserve legal compensation.

A crash between two cars is vastly less complicated than one involving a semi-truck. A Bakersfield truck accident lawyer has a higher level of knowledge and experience when filing a claim for injuries.

The policy limit for most motorists will barely cover the damages to your truck. Contact a Bakersfield truck accident lawyer to discuss your options. You will be awarded the compensation to not only get your life back, but your lifestyle.

How is a truck accident different from other accidents?

Bigger size often means bigger damages. The current industry standard for an 18-wheeler is a maximum of 80,000 pounds. The trucking industry is continuously pushing for a legislation change which would result in trucks weighing up to 100,000 pounds.

It is estimated that approximately three thousand to five thousand deaths occur each year in the United States due to truck driver error. Common injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Whiplash
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Loss of limb
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Commercial truck insurance policies are easily fifty times more expensive than personal car insurance. Although these policies are larger, insurance companies fight even harder to keep their money and have the best insurance adjusters to diminish the damage incurred to you and the needs of your family.

This is why a Bakersfield truck accident attorney is essential to hold insurance companies accountable for what they owe. A  Bakersfield truck accident lawyer will immediately retain evidence from the trucking company, the driver, and his or her insurance company to compile an accurate case that will award you the compensable damages you deserve.

Top ten causes of a truck accident

In 2007 an extensive study was done on the causes of large truck accidents. A sample of nine hundred sixty-seven crashes, eleven hundred twenty-seven large trucks, and nine hundred fifty-nine other types of motor vehicles was used to compile this list.

Here are some common causes of truck accidents that may entitle you to receive compensation:

  • Most common was prescription or illicit drug use at twenty-six percent.
  • Speeding was also very common at twenty-three percent.
  • Twenty-two percent were simply from the driver not being familiar with the road.
  • Over-the-counter medication contributed to eighteen percent.
  • Fourteen percent are caused by failing to check a bling spot.
  • Driver fatigue was once believed to be the most common cause of accident but it causes thirteen percent of them.
  • Nine percent are caused by the driver engaging in some illegal maneuver, like failing to use a turn signal.
  • Distracted driving is always a problem causing eight percent of accidents.
  • Drivers who underestimate the level of evasive action needed cause seven percent.
  • Road rage and/or aggressive driving cause seven percent of accidents and are very often the deadliest ones.

What are compensable damages?

The money awarded to the plaintiff (individual who filed a formal lawsuit against another individual, business or entity that caused injury due to carelessness) to compensate for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, etc. in a court of law.

Compensable damages are awarded through a formal lawsuit that goes through a court, or by a non-formal settlement. If you have questions about compensable damages or ways to obtain compensable damages, we urge you to act now and contact a Bakersfield truck accident attorney to resolve any questions and doubts about your case.

For example, if you want a speedier conclusion, an informal settlement might be the right decision. Just remember there are always pros and cons to consider. Informal settlements tend to have a lower value when compared to a lengthier court settlement.

Again, this is where a Bakersfield truck accident attorney will come in handy to help guide you towards your needs and wants. Don’t wait, act now.

What is a statute of limitations?

Many people want to move on with their lives after an accident. The primary focus is always recovery, as it should be. Once a person starts to feel a little better and rehab is right around the corner, they may forget that they may be eligible for compensable damages.

A formal lawsuit may be something that they don’t want to involve themselves in. They just began putting their life back in order and may not want to think about legal paperwork, courtrooms and attorneys.

This is all well and good until the medical bills start coming in. Perhaps the insurance limits were not enough or the insurance company itself starts denying payment.

You begin filing a lawsuit only to find out your statute of limitations has expired. This can be the case for some unfortunate souls. It is your duty to know how much time you have to file a formal lawsuit before time expires and you cannot pursue legal compensation anymore.

A Bakersfield truck accident lawyer can handle all of the paperwork as you focus on recovery. If you start a formal lawsuit as soon as you discover you have been injured (when the statute of limitations clock starts ticking) you can be confident that all your expenses will be paid for. When you are fully recovered you can rest assured that there are no expensive surprises waiting for you.

How we can help

Every personal injury case is different and intricate, and it becomes ever so more complicated when a truck is involved. Things may seem like the world is crashing down. The big beautiful hunk of steel-on-wheels you once called home is now a pile of scrap metal.

Don’t let the incident take away your love for the open road and adventurous spirit. A Bakersfield truck accident attorney will help you get your career-on-wheels back up and running. Come rain, or sleet, or ice, or snow, a Bakersfield truck accident attorney will be by your side until you are back on the road.



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